You’re Getting Shit For Christmas! Literally.

I absolutely love Cards Against Humanity and I saw their site promoting buying shit for Christmas, quite literally. Hi-larious! Now did anyone think they wouldn’t deliver? Have you played the game!

So here’s YouTuber “Kevin’s Channel” opening the said box o’ poo. This narration really is giving me life. I mean this is like close to some National Geographic narration. Sarcasm. I kind of want to redub it or maybe add my commentary in there like I was there too. It seems to be begging for some type of parody. Or auto-tuned remix.

I present to you the opening of the poo:

Of course this is the LEGENDARY opening of the poo:


“Someone has mailed me a bowel movement!”

“Ahhhhh! A turd! A turd!”

Merry Fucking Christmas!

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