What Ever Happened To Merle Ginsberg?

Well we sort of find out on this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race through another “acting” challenge.  I feel like I say this EVERY week and season but do any of these queens watch past seasons?  You know you have to act, right?

What did you think of this week’s episode?  Who’s your favorite to win?  Find out all my thoughts on this week’s Drag Center!



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  1. I live for Max. And I have really enjoyed that he has kept this character of “being a lady” and not wanting to participate when talk dips towards “vulgarity.” If he has standards about that, I support it, even if it looks a little outdated, it really goes with the image he consistently shows with his drag looks. Props for being consistent, always.

  2. Ginger rocks, Katya rocks. I see a lot of promise and creativity in Max. The rest are so blah. Your’e drag queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race people, where is the wit and personality and where the heck is the talent? (I know this is a generalization and possible stereotype, but come on?) I mean how can only like 3 people on the show act? Where is the humor? Hellooooo??? Oh, and I agree, Violet needs to go home, I don’t care if she is “of the internet generation” or whatever where is the talent?! Who cast this season?

  3. MAX,, GINGER. and Katya as the dark horse. Did Michele really look at Merle like that or was it just edited? And isn’t that the definition of change?

  4. I could do out any night of the week in any metro city and see better drag work than this. Are the casting directors only hiring for dramatic conflict possibilities or is talent really being considered? Are good drag performers just not trying out for this show and this is the best that could be assembled? I like Katya, Ginger and Max but no one has blown me away yet. So far I would give this season a shaky C.

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