What Do We Think of Untucked?

So what are your thoughts about the new format of Untucked?  I will say I just watched episode three because I had to after that debacle of a challenge.  There was some draaaammaaa!  Generally I only focus on the main show because that’s all I do for my recap show Drag Center.

I think I had the same face Trixie did through most of it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 3.36.33 PM


And it was quite comically to see all these queens carry on with beards on.

I’m actually liking this real backstage feel.  It’s the same feel as it is backstage at a drag show, except we are all running around trying to get ready for our next number.  The editing feels a little less choppy for these new Untuckeds too.  A little less produced, which I like.  If you are talking about letting it all hang out, then these new Untucked are appropriate.

What do  you think?

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  1. I like the old format better. I liked the emotional videos from their loved ones as well as the “little furry pink box”. Just my opinion 🙂

  2. I really hated the first one because there was a lot of “where are they, I’m bored” talk. Also, because it’s just one room we miss out on the separation aspect where a group of girls can Kiki without having to tailor their speech. The last two beyond that were much better. I get what they are trying to do and I can speculate why but I feel like they could have at least kept the pink box to help out with conversations.

  3. Unfortunately, the new Untucked format is no longer fun and doesn’t fit the brand of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s SOOO serious now, especially the music. It’s drag darlings, not a Lifetime documentary. PLEASE change it for next season. Maybe something in-between the old format and the new format with more exciting uplifting, less depressing music. Shanks!

  4. Honestly, I think it’s horrible. I like the set and everything, but I shouldn’t have to wait until the next day to know the behind the scene’s tea. I also make sure
    to have Monday’s off so I can watch drag race, so finding time on a Tuesday night is frustrating.

  5. I think Ru should either do Untucked or not. This incarnation feels half-assed, sloppy and unprofessional. It’s like she intentionally threw out all the lessons she has learned over the previous seasons in order to give us what feels like an aborted after thought.

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      1. I agree. There is more of an emotional rawness to it when the girls are walked out. But I did enjoy the old format where the girls could go into separate rooms to vent about someone, or get some time to talk. The last episode was mainly Kennedy droning on and pointing fingers. Her voice is giving me the shingles!

    2. If you look back at the first season when the post-show special was called Under the Hood, you’ll find it aligns pretty well with the current season. I don’t know what you find unprofessional about Untucked in its current state but, I don’t think anything from seasons 2-6 was professional with the over-produced catfights. We all could see through it. At least with this arrangement it seems like we’re seeing more of what goes on backstage. You also have to think about it from an efficiency standpoint With previous seasons, more often than not, both lounges were being shot when the queens would split from the group. Now there’s only one group to be shot which means we get to see more versus the 10% we had been seeing where the switch back and forth between groups. Basically, I’ll take the half-assed, sloppy, and un-Chad Michaels cut anyday.

  6. I miss the interior illusions lounge and the messages from home and the little pink box. With that said I do like that it is more raw and interesting. When I see the queens sashay away though it breaks my heart to hear what they hear and see them pack up. It’s mixed feelings I have.

  7. Honestly that uncomfortable looking couch and stool like perches are driving me crazy. Can’t they give them something decent to sit on, they totally look out of place in that black studio setting.

    1. Here in Canada OutTV (our version of Logo) televised it right after Drag Race. I don’t know why Logo is not doing the same

  8. I really like this new untucked, as you said it feels much less forced. My only issue with it is that they are showing it exclusively online so why are they not longer? They are not limited by commercial interruptions, and time-slots, so why not let it be a real unedited view of backstage.

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  9. I’m loving the new untucked it feels more natural and less spectacle for spectacle sake and ratings especially since it’s now exclusively online

  10. I like the new format! I appreciate the diminished “polish” because it does emphasize the unique experience of being a contestant on the show. I know it’s still produced, but it’s an interesting new angle. Just wish it was easier to find online!

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  11. It took me a minute to get over the change, but I do like it. It does feel less like another level of production, but it is reality TV, so it will always be a production. Best part: I get to watch it on my normal TV (because YouTube and gaming systems rock) but still have to watch Drag Center and RPDR on my laptop. Boo.

  12. I miss the interior illusions lounge. I get that the goal is to look less produced, but it looks like they’re all dressed up and waiting for the city bus to take them home on that pitiful bench!

  13. I thought they’d cancelled it at first also. Not loving that it’s online only. I loved planning my Monday evenings for Drag Race and Untucked immediately following. 🙁

  14. I really didn’t like the first episode. Not much talking about anything in my opinion but I guess that’s to be expected from the first episode. The next two were better but I still do love the old format much better.

  15. Please put it back on the air. I don’t care about the format, but it’s being available only online feels like a slap in the face to those of us who’ve watched the show from the beginning.

  16. The new format is terrible. It feels like a goodwill couch set in the middle of someone’s junkie garage. I don’t need stagehands and grips, and someone’s secretary running around in the background to get The “REALNESS ” factor”. I think it’s a real mess.

  17. I don’t mind the new format – I have more of an issue with some of the girls (thank God horse-mouth and her stank attitude went home last night). My guess is the change was driven by RuPaul – the new format doesn’t require her to do the voice-overs. My only slight complaint is that Untucked usually had some fun moments (I loved watching Adore, Courtney and Bianca bond last year), and the new format seems sort of dark. But I guess that is the reality – right?

  18. Bring back the pink furry box! The old UnTucked was staged, edited and even forced at times. And we all knew it. We also loved it! It was good drama, and as many of you have already states — this is a drag contest. We are watching for the drama. All T All Shade baby. New format is just, well, dull

  19. I thought they were doing this so that they could get away with airing cursing and nudity. There have been neither of those things, not that I’d want to actually see any of them naked, except maybe pearl. Also, the lack of setting in the background actually just makes it harder to just plant your eyes somewhere. Why are these people sitting on plywood step stools? Why do they only get one drink? Let them get a little smashed backstage. Then let them talk, and by all means, pink box, whatever gimmicky shit you can think of! Also, sorting through the poorly labeled wow presents videos on YouTube is really fucking annoying.

  20. I don’t. In the new format. It’s interesting less produced. I hate that it’s exclusively to YouTube and region encoded. I pay to watch Drag Race the day after it airs in the UK but for some reason I’m not deemed worth of watching Untucked because I live in the UK. Considering the girls all travel over for shows etc we could drum more interest if we could show networks how many in the UK are interested.

  21. I really like the new format, it’s way less produced and more real, and even sad when they leave and hear the music play. I like that there are no props, like the pink box and videos to instigate drama, though the videos of the family are nice, everything else was too forced.

  22. I do like the new refresshing input on Untucked. But I still perfer the old episodes. I miss the Big Pink Furry Boxxxxx

  23. I don’t hate the new format. It’s more raw and real but at the same time I loved the old format for the surprises the queens got like messages from families and such. It let us see the vulnerable human side of the queens instead of just always being in “competition”. Who could ever forget the message from Alyssa ‘ s father? I still tear up when I think of it.

  24. I prefer this untucked purely because it lets us see more of how the girls deal with each other and it’s less cutesy and over-produced. Plus it feels like a club lounge/backstage area which is nicer for me as I feel less like I’m creeping on a private conversation.

  25. like watching untucked. Needs to be televised after the main stage show. Either format would be great. Just edit the GD – they bleep F$&@ – but let the GD run freely.
    Have a great day.

  26. It looks and feels cheap. I prefer the old untucked. I mean, why are they just sitting on a couch behind the stage? It’s odd.

  27. The show itself is fun (more “real”), but I miss the videos and games, and it’s BULLSHIT that it’s both only on YouTube AND isn’t posted until the next day.

  28. I’m LIVING for the new Untucked. Now I feel I’m really getting a behind-the-scenes look at the show. Season 6 Untucked, with the family videos and pink boxes and whatnot, kinda made it feel like a second show in itself. I like this better.

  29. The format is interesting and different. Ru is smart and knows to mix things up so we don’t get bored. My only problem is how harsh it feels when girls are asked to sashay away. Watching them stumble away from the stage as they hear Ru praising the remaining girls, hovering behind them as they dejectedly pick up their wigs and mourn their broken dreams, it’s a bit much. It feels like we’re voyeurs to someone else’s pain.

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