Watch My Friend SLAY On Stage Duetting with Patti Labelle! EPIC!

I’ve know Brian Meacham for so long but never knew he could SANG, girl!  Yaaassss!!! Watch him totally hold his own with Patti Labelle. This is incredible!  Go Brian!!!

This is a far cry from getting drunk, vomiting on my bed and passing out in my apartment. Love you!! #astarisborn 😉


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  1. #SamHarris realness! Didn’t Sam get his music start with “Over The Rainbow” in the 80’s? Spectacular vocals that I would like to hear more of in the future

  2. i have watched Brian grow up with my children. i am proud to say i am his second mommy. he is truly a very talented young man. keep on shining you will be a bright star! i love you!

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