This Anti-Gay Marriage PSA Will Make You Shed Some Tears, Of Laughter

This PSA from the “CatholicVote” really has made me shed some tears, of laughter. Like, really? You want us to feel sorry because you want to discriminate?

This bitch even starts to cry!

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.44.11 PM


I can’t imagine the suffering you are going through because gays can marry now. I mean it must seriously affect your daily life.

And this tool, think society already thinks he’s weird so he’s not worried about one more thing to make him different.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.44.40 PM



And this poor “hetero” is scared, like, legit scared you guys. Who can he be truly open with?

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.50.52 PM


I mean, no gay person has ever felt that way, right? We can still be fired in 32 States for being gay but you know you sir have it real rough just not supporting gay marriage.

And for poor Sad Sally, it’s “too important” to her so she can’t change her view.

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You know because famine, war, environmental destruction all pale in comparison to two men or two women in love with each other.

And this douche.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.56.16 PM


Well, just FYI sir, I hope you know that until 1967 interracial marriage was illegal.

These people are crying out because they shouldn’t feel ashamed! No you shouldn’t. You should just feel really, really stupid.

Oh wait though because this turd-knocker has gay friends who he “loves.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 2.59.39 PM


Hey guys, I’m cool with gay people. I just don’t think you should be treated equal. Moron. No sorry, you don’t have gay friends if you disagree with gay marriage. #ByeGirl

And again Tool #5 in this video talks about the “ever-loving creator” and love.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 3.02.27 PM

Um, so you can use the word “ever-loving” but you hate gay marriage. Some of these people really need to sit down and read what else they shouldn’t happen according to the Bible, like eating shellfish, woman cutting their hair, oh yeah and owning slaves is totally cool.

“You cannot have a society of hatred or bigotry.”

Wow I smell the hypocrisy and it smells like old religion.

I’m just going to say this is the best skit SNL has done in a long time.

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  1. I died lol when the girl breaks down and cries and the other ppl get emotioal, like ppl are isolated from society for not agreeing that everbody in love can put a ring on it? They need their own leper colony poor pariahs nobody to agree with them..sheesh get off that cross somebody needs the wood.

  2. What? Is this for real? I’m so confused. What are they getting emotional about? Are they now afraid that people will attack THEM for not agreeing with whats happened, and that we should feel sorry for them that they don’t believe its right for gay people to get married.? Someone shed some more light on this video for me.

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    2. You wouldn’t believe the hate that the LGBTs have given many religious people after this whole thing because we don’t agree with it. Its pretty sad.

      1. Awww poor you! I’m sure someone telling you that you are wrong about believing that marriage can only be between a man and a woman is the worst thing ever! I’m sure you and the rest of the religious community are harassed physically, called breeders, and have been sentenced to death for it as well. The police are probably going to start setting your churches on fire because of what you believe in. Also, they will break in and arrest you or beat you to death for it as well. Oh, what? That hasn’t happened? All that I just described above has actually happened to the gay community!!! If the most “hate” you get from the LGBT community is sued, or you lose friends over it, then that is miniscule to what the gay community had endured. Stop playing the victim when for the longest time the Christian community has been the monsters us gays were afraid of at night!

  3. Oh lawd!!!!! Somebody!!!!! Get these fools some counseling! That is the most ridiculous thing ever!!!!!! Forget it. I’m going around asking people if they are straight??? If they say yes. I’m gonna say oh you poor thing!!!! Don’t worry God may forgive you lol

  4. i seriously don’t understand why they think we should feel sorry for them. Like ok, they feel uncomfertable that they can’t express themselves on this topic. But like….there are people in the world who hate me for just existing. Their rights aren’t being with held from them, mine are. When people with privilege start talking about how progress is “uncomfertable” for them. Really? They want us to feel bad for them?

  5. OHHHH so discrimination against biggots who choose their own beliefs is not ok, but discrimination against an entire community of people who not only didn’t have a choice in the way they feel, but have spent their entire lives fighting for equal rights is?


  6. Having grown up in a very strict, Catholic family, I can honestly say that this disgusts me and always has. How can I associate myself with any religion that attempts to stand in the way of other people’s happiness? The actions of gay people have absolutely no direct affect on the lives of the religious. The hypocrisy is sad and hilarious to me! “Love your neighbor…that is, unless their beliefs are unlike your own”.

  7. “You are not alone.” This is so true! There is an entire community of people that feel the way you do. They’re called “homophobes.” And 5 out of 9 justices agree.

  8. This is nothing more than pathological passive/aggression, attacking the very constitution that protects them, yet they seek to deny protection to other citizens…. In so doing, they are liars, and lying is a sin, especially in the Catholic church…. And they should be ashamed of what they’ve done….

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  9. This is one of the many ways catholic educators and services and advocates or whatever waste their money. It’s so sad. How dare you say you believe in a world without bigotry and then deny others marriage. The emotions kill me. “You’re not alone” are you kidding me right now?! Ughhhhh Pandora I love you.

  10. All the guys in this video need to come out of the closet.. If I hadn’t read about it first, I honestly would have thought that they were going to all come out! Shucks!

  11. This is why a lot of people think religious people are as dumb as a bag of hammers. Just open your mind and your heart and it is very easy to accept and love LGBT people. LGBT people are 1. not hating or hurting ANYBODY, the whole point is about who we love. 2. we are born this way, its not injected into our minds by society, parents, or church. BIGOTS on the other hand…1. are hurting a lot of people and holding society back 2. nobody is BORN a bigoted asshole. That stuff is taught to you by friends, family, and sometimes the church you go to. You can easily unlearn the stupidity.

  12. Wow! I wish I had a garden because this would be excellent fertilizer. Someone else’s decision to marry only matters to me if I get invited to the wedding and I have to shop for a gift.

  13. Let me understand, these people feel victimized because they aren’t comfortable being homophobic assholes? BOO HOO!

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  14. I am more than open to the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But I will say I feel very sorry for their future children.
    If they have a child that is gay, how will that child ever feel safe about telling their mum or dad? No one is born with hatred, Hatred is taught. end. of. story.
    No religious icon can ever dictate how a person is “supposed” to be.

  15. Five things.
    1. I’m really lost with this video.
    2. Why?
    3. Why?!
    4. WHY?!
    5. One thing I got out of it is, how sad this real is.

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  16. Why is it always either agree or fuck you ? If gays are entitled to like it why does everyone else have to like it my opinion its fuckin gross. What? Am i not allowed to think that ? Or are you people gonna say the same shit your supposedly against

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  17. Hahahahahahahaha. “We don’t want to be discriminated against for discriminating against gay marriage”. Hypocrite! Marriage isn’t about gender! Its about love! Stupid people. Religion is so stupid. I don’t know why anyone would want to be religious when it just causes so many arguments and stuff!

  18. You poor pathetic little douche bags, please relax and realize that you are NOT invited to the party. #byeFelicia

  19. Nope, take that back, it’s real… SNL did a skit to make fun of it… The article is totally not worded right

  20. I think the point of this video is that people will hate them for their opinions… which is what this article is doing… which proves the need for this video. I don’t think they’re right, but I don’t think ranting about them is going to improve anyrhing?

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  21. I understand what they’re trying to say. They don’t hate homosexuals, they just disagree with gay marriage. While I disagree with their opinion, I’m not going to shame them for it. Respect is a two way street.

  22. Really? You’re emotional and scared to voice an opinion? Try getting assaulted by strangers for just walking down the street; not for expressing anything, but just for being there and being perceived as being gay (whether actual or just believed). Try being in a relationship with someone for twenty years and not having that relationship honored & valued because it’s different from the norm…but, a person famous for nothing can have their “newsworthy” publicity stunt 72 day marriage celebrated. Or, you can be on your second divorce & third marriage, but, still be pro traditional marriage. You poor things, aren’t you just precious.

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