“The Bachelor” Blood Bath

You guys. “The Bachelor.” Funniest show on television. Twenty five women. One man. Do the math. Is anyone else watching this ticking time bomb of a disaster?

the bachelor

Ok. So everyone is attractive and in their bikini and blah blah blah. We get it. But some of the ladies…well….I’m just glad they are pretty. For example, last week Chris took the women on a group date to New Mexico. While getting ready, one of the girls mentioned how excited she was to go, because she has “never been out of the country.”


And the producers clearly know how to make things interesting by putting these women in the most uncomfortable of situations. The next day after the group date was over, one lucky lady got to go on a one on one date with Chris. So first thing that morning they had him creep into the room where ALL the women were sleeping, to wake up the lucky girl he was going out with that day. First of all, this girl wakes up at 4am with a FULL FACE of make up. And second, they start kissing, and the ENTIRE ROOM of women can hear them…


Ummmm. This show is about to turn into “America’s Most Wanted.”


This is gonna get good. Real good.





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