Stop Animal Testing For Cosmetics!

Animal testing still runs rampant in the cosmetics industry and it’s a totally unnecessary practice. LUSH Cosmetics did this brilliant yet brutal live performance piece having a woman go through what these poor defenseless animals do, again for no reason! Lush is cruelty free and so are many other companies like two of my favorites Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and Sugarpill Cosmetics. Watch this video and see the senselessness and the sheer brutality of it all:


Find out more about Lush Cosmetics campaign here:

Let’s end animal testing now!


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  1. I am SO happy that a LUSH finally opened here in Indianapolis! It’s sad that shocking images like these are what it takes for people to truly understand what’s happening every day behind closed doors. Thanks for sharing Pandora!

  2. Lame and not very realistic. She is an actress and she is overacting. I don’t think animal testing is necessary, but this presentation is not going to improve the situation. It would work better as a video to stop poor performance artist.

  3. The Question isn’t who is more intelligent… an animal or a human, the question is do they feel pain. Absolutely animals have emotions just as a humans. They feel sadness, fear, happiness and are highly intuitive beings. People are so ignorant to not realize this. Animals are not our slaves and what right do we have to overpower another being and cause harm to them.

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