RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Cast!!

The new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race doesn’t start until February but the official cast has been announced!  This has been a hard secret to keep but now I’m proud to say I know at least six of the gals on this season and there are all FIERCE!  They really pulled out all the stops on casting this time around.  We’ve got some heavy-hitting, well-known queens on the show!  But I have to say I’m most excited for one of my best friends and the queen who inspired me to do drag is on!  Yes, girl, Miss Darienne Lake!!  


Looking gorgeous Ms. Lake!  Oh and her “meet the queens” video is literally a LOL!  I peed a little:


AND have you seen THE best promo video ever done by RPDR?  You must:


Totes jealous of it’s amazingness!  And here are some of the other gals I know who are going to rock the Drag Race World!

Bianca Del Rio is hysterical!  Her cutting tongue may deem her the “bitch” of the season but she’s got one thing any other bitchy queen on the show lacked: amazing comedy chops.  Killer comedy queen who also is a Broadway costumer designer by trade.  I got to work with her on One Night Stand Up: Dragtastic NYC and she had me on the floor the entire day of shooting.  Absolutely adore her!



Courtney Act is simply stunning.  I was a fan of hers from her time on the Australian version of American Idol and her fabulous Wigs By Vanity YouTube videos.  Then I met her and saw her live.  I was blown away. Not only is she gorgeous but her singing is top notch.



Kelly Mantle is witty and lovely!  I also had the pleasure of working with her on One Night Stand Up: Dragtastic NYC and I was not only impressed by down to Earth she was but also how HI-larious she was!  She’s got a list of Hollywood creds to back up her talent too.  Love her!



Adore Delano is gay-mazing!  I’ve worked with her several times in LA and not only can she sing live but this bitch tears up a stage!  You may recognize her from his stint on American Idol.  Adore may not have the years as a queen behind her but she sure has everything else needed to wow the judges and audience.



Laganja Estranja is just fabulous!  When I first started seeing her perform in LA, I was like, “who the hell is this queen?  She’s fantastic!”  Once she said she was auditioning, I had no doubts she’d get on.  Saying this queen can move is an understatement.  I get winded watching her perform!


So those are the queens I know and have worked regularly with and it would seem the whole cast is nothing short of spectacular.   Here is the rest of the cast listing:

•    April Carrion of  Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

•    BenDeLaCreme of  Seattle, WA

•    Gia Gunn of Chicago, IL

•    Joslyn Fox of Worcester, MA

•    Magnolia Crawford of  Los Angeles, CA

•    Milk of New York, NY

•    Trinity K. Bonet of  Atlanta, GA

•    Vivacious of New York, NY

I’m also excited to announce that my Drag Center recaps for shall return!  I’m legitimately excited for this season like it was my own!  I think this quote from Ru really sums it up the best:

“Our sixth season is rated BBB—Bitches Better Beware!” cautions RuPaul. “It’s our most outrageous and sickening cast to date. And quite frankly, I’m scared of these queens.”


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  1. No shade – I am really seriously curious how Darienne gets her um, chest to look soooooo big and natural? Is it an amazing breat plate or is she seriously that scruntched up in there? If so, poor gurl – that must be painful (and yes, I know, it aint easy or painless to look that gorgeous). Love ya Pandora!!!

  2. So excited to see this cast and to see that you and Darienne are going to be RuPaul’s Drag Race sisters! I used to see both of you back in the 95-98 Marcella’s era when I was working near Rochester and told people about both of you for years! When Drag Race came on, I said…look out, one of not both will be on here! So glad I was right 😉 I am definitely team Miss Darienne Lake first and foremost, with Bianca Del Rio 2nd and Courtney Act 3rd. But will FOREVER be Team Pandora Boxx until the end!

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