Poltergeist Returns!

Poltergeist is on my list of one of my all time favorite movies EVER.  When I heard about a reboot I was not really overly thrilled.  They are usually right (Star Trek) or just wrong (Planet of the Apes).  With the just released trailer of Poltergeist, I’m leaning towards right.



It seems as though they are honoring the original but still putting a modern twist to it without compromising what made Poltergeist amazing.  They did manage to make that god dam clown even scarier.



Those eyes just stole my soul.  I know it!

The only thing the remake is lacking is Tangina Barrons (played by the amazing Zelda Rubinstein).  Come on now, she made that movie epic.



I think they should have gotten Leslie Jordan to play her!


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  1. I thought the same thing about the Tangina Barrons character. She doeesn’t have the voice but I think Linda Hunt, who plays Heddy on NCIS Los Angeles would have been a good choice.

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