People Are Strange

Oh people of the world doing ridiculous things and having it dished all over the internet…thank you. Whenever I’m in need of a good laugh (or a new joke) you never cease to amaze me.

Did you guys hear about the woman who joined a search party who were looking for…her? So she gets off a tour bus in Iceland to freshen up and change her clothes. Then she must have had a queen give her a makeover that was so good, when she got back on the bus, not a single person recognized her (Pandora I didn’t know you went to Iceland!) And to top it off, she didn’t recognize the description of the “Missing Woman,” so she, along with all 50 passengers, went out into the fields and joined the search.

Look, I’ve been trying to find myself for years. And all my friends do is tell me to get laid.

The problem is, I hang out with comics and drag queens, so my chances of finding love in Los Angeles…are still higher than if I hung out with musicians. Anywhere. I may be acting out though, because the other day, I took home a lesbian…got her high out of her mind, then watched Xena: Warrior Princess.


And clearly, Xena is a top. Enjoy the internet everyone!


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