No Sir, We Don’t Want to See Your…

Hal Hamrick wanted to find a lady.



In Port St. Lucie, Florida, a 48-year-old repeatedly flashed his dick to shoppers in the parking lots of Target and Babies R’ Us last month. Why? Because, according to an affidavit obtained by TC Palm, the man told police that he “wants to find a lady.”

A witness told Port St. Lucie police he saw a man in a Miami Heat shirt and athletic shorts exposing himself. The man twice put his genitals out for view in front of Target, and once in front of Babies “R” Us. He also explained to officers that “they like when he does that,” which might not be entirely accurate.

Now this is just completely inappropriate. Sir, take your ass (well your undesirable penis) to Walmart.


Someone looks ready for you. In other news, this guy has something to say about it…


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