Mom, Do You Douche?

Daughter: Mom? I’ve got to ask you something real personal. Do you douche?

Mom: I sure do but only with Massengill vinegar and water.

I guess a light vinaigrette dressing would be nice if you were tossing a salad. Sorry I couldn’t resist. What the hell? The poor vagina has been treated badly in the past but what person thought this was a good idea? Can you imagine the actresses who auditioned for this role?  I’m sorry can you punch up douche a little when you say it. 

Why not sing about how fresh your vagina will feel only with FDS of course!

That’s the jingle my little sister would sing around the house for years. Priceless.

Did you know that Lysol was originally sold as a feminine douche?

lysol_ad offending_lysol1


And apparently men like their women’s vagina to smell like a… pine cone?



It makes me think of this scene from The Stepford Wives. (:55 in)

Oh the poor vagina. Let’s have some vagina love.  I mean, that’s where we all come for. As for me that’s where it ends because I’m a dick pig.




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