Madonna Drops 6 New Songs And They Are Epic!

If you didn’t know, I’m a HUGE Madonna fan.  Literally her music saved my life when I was a young, awkward kid.  She was an Unapologetic Bitch and I loved every second.  I wanted to be able to just say and do what I wanted and not be so painfully shy.  Well, Madonna has given me the best Christmas gift this year.  She released part of her Rebel Heart album early!  In response to the “leak” of some unfinished demos she one upped them by just releasing part of her damn album!

Here’s what I can say about this album: YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Who knows if it’s all just part of her brilliant marketing.  Regardless this is some of her best work in years.  Living for Love is one of her best songs ever!  I can’t stop listening to it!


Get over to iTunes and get these songs!


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  1. I agree this is some of her best in a long time the last two albums were very disappointing but this all sounds good, every excited.

  2. Fully agree her best work in years since confessions love what I’ve heard so far living for love has to hit the top ten on the charts!

  3. It might sound corny, but I am sooo proud! Wow how amazing is these new sounds…. Can’t wait for the complete album though… 2014 has now ended on a bang! Thanks M

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