Jem Is Truly Fallacious.

Hey I have a movie pitch!  Let’s take a hit 80’s cartoon that has a HUGE cult following and make a new movie. Here’s the twist! We’ll take everything that made that show great and replace it with a totally now-YouTube feel. No big wigs. No camptastic songs. No camp whatsoever. Who cares if the oldies that actually watched the show get upset. We’ll get the younger generations that doesn’t know how to Google the past. Just think what we did to Josie & the Pussycats!  It’ll be like that! Truly, truly outrageous.



And now the preview for the new Jem & The Holograms movie.


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  1. This is a bunch of fucking crap. It’s not even close to the original. That sucks, I was really looking forward to seeing this.

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  2. It’s the sequel to Hannah Montana but with wet and wild pink make up and Lisa frank pink hair extensions and a cheap blonde wig. Watching that movie clip gave me the squirts and bad cramps.

  3. It’s idiotic and demeaning . They have completely ruined the fantasy and glamour of it all . I will never forgive them for that . I for one have posted about Jem for YEARS . I consider myself a true fan . When I found out that there was a movie in the works I was in tears . Finally I thought . Then I see this bullshit . It’s absolutely infuriating . There were BIG time artists and collaborations to create the animated series . Hundreds of thousands spent on the intro alone . I will NOT be watching this c-rated atrocity .

  4. I’m seriously pissed.
    There’s literally NOTHING in this trailer that’s the same. NOTHING.
    It’s going to fricking bomb.
    At least, I hope it does. Or that they redo the whole thing before they release the bullshit they’re promoting now.

  5. That’s is NOT Jem and the Holograms. I’m glad I finally watched the trailer while on the toilet or I might have pooped myself.

  6. i can’t even watch the trailer. I am so upset about this. I was so excited about this movie. I had just introduced my 6 year old daughter to the original show on Netflix. She was excited about a movie coming out too. She will be really disappointed if there are no Misfitsin the movie. They’re her favorite part.

  7. This is rediculous!!!! How can u remake a film and it’s nothing like wat is was back on the originals!!! The whole series was about big hair, camp music and camp everything!!! This is a stupid American remake with no originality and even if they get the younger generation to go see it they are gonna loose a lot more true fans who used to love it!!! Scooby doo was out at the same time as this in the 80s and they kept that across the same lines as the originals and they took it by storm!!! So y not just leave it as it was and remake it the same way!!!!!
    Truly truly outrageous!!!!

  8. I grew up in Jem. That’s not Jem. It’s ewww. I’ll see it when it hits redbox. But I’m not paying 12 dollars to watch it at the theater. Nope. Not crapening.

  9. uhm…. I don’t like it. I want the original movie, I want the real Jem and the Holograms with the Misfits!!

  10. Yeah it totally sucks!!!! What happened to Jem being the boss, Starlight was her company. And imagine how cool it would have been to truly have a “Synergy change” from Jerrica to Jem. Awesome, and The Misfits, It is soooo not Jem without Pizzass

  11. My heart sank after watching this bullshit of a trailer. This movie will be the biggest epic fail ever and I sure as hell won’t be watching it. I saw the Josie movie by myself in the theater (yes, I was the only one in there) and that was bad. This one is going to be hella woerse.

  12. Such utter bullshit! Ive been watching the original show with my 7 year old the past few weeks and she loves it. Sad the movie looks shitty 🙁

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