Jane Badler Is Divalicious With Volcano Boy!

Any of my fellow sci-fi geeks out there should love Jane Badler. If you are unfamiliar with her work she deliciously played the villainous lizard queen Diana in the mini-series and television show V, both in the 80’s and the revamped ill-fated version. They should have gotten her out of that damn spaceship cave and the reboot would have been way more interesting!

What you may not know about Ms. Badler is that she is also a fabulous chanteuse! I was living for her last album and now she’s got a brand new single out: Volcano Boy. It’s got a fabulous smooth sound with a touch of dance and her vocals sounds brilliant. I love it!

Make sure you check out the equally fabulous and gorgeous video:

Volcano Boy is available now on iTunes. Get into it!

And if you haven’t seen these before, check out two of my favorite songs of Jane’s!

Men Who Lie
The regal and Shirley Bassey quality in her singing her just adds to full on diva mode song. I live! This whole album, Tears Again, is pretty amazing.

I Want A Lot Of Boys To Cry At My Funeral

Now if this isn’t a diva video I don’t know what is. It’s pure genius and looks gorgeous!


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