If Guys Acted In Real Life The Way They Do On Gay Apps

This is SO G.D. funny!  And all I can say is: accurate.


And who every this queen is, I love her:

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And paper bag head as the oh-s-common torso peeps, DYING!  And P.S. I want to lick his nipples.  Just saying.

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  1. The whole, “No Asians,” thing is actually more of a problem than it is a trope for some video. I understand the eagerness to say, “Preference doesn’t indicate prejudice,” but they (white gays, black gays, latino gays…everyone on any dating site, and not just your gay hook up apps because it’s actually everywhere) say, “no Asians,” but what does that actually mean? It’s like people who say, “I don’t listen to country music.” How? Rock and roll and eventually pop evolved from country music when is combined with blues. It’s like with any race. How can someone decide to just not want to interact with a certain race or people fromm the largest continent in the world and decide that, “These people aren’t fit to associate with me?” And when they say it isn’t racism, how? Because it is just that: when you say something like, “no Asians,” you’ve decided not to interact with a certain type of person based on perceived race (and I say perceived, because it doesn’t even matter if you’re actually Asian, it’s only if you don’t look white or black). So, I’m glad that these guys are having fun with the irony of a dating app that isn’t about pursuing a real relationship, but that’s not what the app is about, and that distracts from the actual racism that’s being misunderstood as a preference.

      1. And aren’t you too busy shoving racial undesirables into gas chambers to be making racially charged comments on this site?

      1. This is one of the nastiest of the racial stereotypes against asian men. Asian men are as well-endowed as anyone.
        Speaking from (maybe too much? :p) experience.

    1. It’s funny you say that because I see a lot of Asian guys who say “white guys online” or “no Asians” as well… everyone has a sexual preference, it is like saying being gay means you hate straight people.

    2. Overdoing it a bit aren’t you? The people who say that are usually there purely for sex. If someone doesn’t find a race sexually attractive that isn’t racism, that’s preference. I don’t find myself attracted to black men, that doesn’t make me racist whatsoever, because not getting a hard on for someone doesn’t indicate that you hate them all or that you think they’re worth less than you. It just means you don’t want to have sex with them. They’re not being racist, they’re just setting their markers.

    3. You can’t tell someone who they can and can’t fund attractive. In some ways it’s herd mentally via social reproduction. Some people are attracted to what they see around them at early ages, these are the types that date within their race, or within the races they were raised around. It’s a survival mechanism ingrained into us, keep to your tribe, outsiders carry dissease, or will undermine your society.

      Others have the opposite gene expression, they seek out those of other tribes, because a diverse offspring will have traits an offspring that isn’t diverse won’t have. These people are attracted to those who look different.

      It’s not just looks, it’s communication, culture, so many things go into our unconscious sex drive. All coming back to, do you like same or different.

      There are those that have a mix of each as well. It varies. Sure it would be nice if everyone was attracted to people no matter what, but we aren’t.

      Let me approach this from a personal angle. I’m a transwoman and a lesbian. Not all lesbians are attracted to transwomen. I’m not going to call them transphobic. They can’t control their bc attractions any more than I can.

      In the LGBT community we are constantly telling straight people we are born this way. We are attracted to who we are, and love who set love.

      I’ll never understand how the same people who can say “don’t tell me who I can and can’t love”, can then say “of you’re not attracted to me your racist”, or phobic or any such similar asinine comment.

      I don’t begrudge lesbians who aren’t attracted to me as a woman, anymore than I would begrudge someone not attracted to dirty blonds, short women, tall, red heads, geeks, jocks, butch, femme etc…

      I simply move onto someone else. I won’t tell another person who they can and can’t love, I’ll be damned if someone tells me the same.

      (For the record I have no racial preference. Just individuals I am and am not attracted to on a one on one basis.)

      1. I just find it interesting that nobody wants to consider the overwhelming bias of what people are sexually attracted to (that is to say, you never see people saying no whites), as if attractiveness isn’t influenced by societal cues. Does having a racial sexual preference make you racist or prejudiced? No. Does it mean that you’re probably that way because of broad and far-reaching racist and prejudiced influences from, let’s say, media or culture? Well, there’s the discussion.

    4. But no One Cares, if you don’t like Gingers or blondes… Personally speaking, sure i can Talk to asians and they can be as nice as everybody else. But i’m just not attracted to them, really never… So of Course am i not into Dating them…

    5. People have sexual preferences, it has nothing to do with deciding a group of people aren’t fit for you to associate with. Some people prefer muscular men, some prefer chubby guys; they aren’t being exclusionary, it’s just what they like. Similarly, some people aren’t attracted to Asian men, though it’s rather rude to pre-emptively say that on an app.

    6. Oh get off your offended soap box for a second and enjoy the satire. This isn’t the platform to voice the fact that your feelings are hurt or that you feel discriminated against. This is comedy. There are plenty of spaces where homes that are offended by something or another can go to. If people would stop bitching and actually started a conversation, maybe by, oh I don’t know creating some engaging internet content that sparks an actual open dialogue about racism against asians, in the gay community and doesn’t hijack the space of one that wasn’t intended for that.

      1. Hear hear, very well stated. Laugh and unbunch the panties! They did all these because they happen over and over. Whether it’s right or wrong.

    7. Hilarious. But I think the incessant “hi” guy didn’t translate as well. If someone flat out walked away you wouldn’t keep saying hi. Likewise, if someone said hi to you in real life, you would acknowledge them. With all the bugs in apps like grindr, sometimes you just don’t know if they got the message. No answer is not an answer. Bitches need to learn how to block! #thatsall

    8. For everyone that says NO ASIANS someone else says ASIANS TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE…..try being fat on an app….there is some true vitriol

    9. It’s really simple. Once you reduce human beings to objects and commodities to be traded and exchanged based on superficial characteristics, anything goes. If you can reject someone because their too short or too fat or too hairy or not hairy enough or because of how big their genitals are, then skin tone, facial structure, eye shape, and hair color are fair game. You’re right that race is all about perception – it’s purely phenotypical with no genetic basis – but because it is based solely on perception it allows people to be grouped into categories based on shared perceived characteristics. If it is permissible to say “no bears,” “no fatties,” “no femmes,” then it is permissible to say “no Asians.” It’s all part of the same continuum of judgment and discrimination.

      1. Someone is itching to get banned. Maybe your real identity needs to be exposed & this racist comment forwarded to your employers. Don’t forget Cho Seung Hui or what happened to Alexandra Wallace.

    10. Its not that people decide not to interact with someone. They decide not to interact with someone in a particular way, in this case sexually. No, dating apps are not all about that but for some people it is. And even if its the physical attractiveness between two people is important in most relationships. Am I sexist because my preference does not include women? No. Would I refuse avoid interacting with someone because they are female? No. Would I avoid interacting with women on dating platforms where I am trying to find a relationship. Yes I would.
      However people avoid ethnic minorities on these apps because they are racist and not because its a physical preference then that is wrong and I am sure it happens also.

    11. Ian, I think you misunderstand what they mean by “No Asians.” It’s not that they are being racist; they don’t want to date or hook up with one. I love my Gasian friends; do I want to hook up or date one of them? Unfortunately no because that not what I AM attracted to physically. Relationships can’t be built on emotional connection only; otherwise gay/straight/bi/whatever would be nonexistent.

        1. What complete bollocks. I’m slim and like muscular guys, and don’t find other slim guys attractive – it doesn’t mean I hate my body, it just means I have different preferences. There’s no self-hatred in attraction.

    12. Ian, I am totally understand how u feel… I myself got the same issue, but well I don’t judge them for what they like and don’t. Because I myself have my own preferences too. I don’t think that consider as racism it just like u eat beef and u don’t like the taste of pork that’s all. Hope u can understand.

    13. They aren’t saying they won’t associate with Asian, they just don’t want to hook up with them.
      ps- straight “dating” apps have the same preference. It’s like being into brunettes but not blonds.

    14. So you did know that all the white gays were going to come defend their racism right? That’s why I don’t discuss race with them. But on the real, Asian men utilize anti blackness a lot to gain clout in various spaces.

    15. No, you haven’t chosen not to interact with them. You just dont want to Fuck them. That’s two completely different things.

    16. Let me guess, dude, you’re Asian, aren’t you? It has nothing to do with racism if you’re not into Asians. It only has to do with your personal taste in men. And if it really was racist then most every Asian would be racist himself as something like almost 100% of the Asians on all of those apps write “No Asians”!!!
      Fact is we all love big dicks and fact is those aren’t really attached to Asians…. So I guess it’s not about the race but about the dick size!

  2. Not just asians….many ppl say “no black”, “no whities”…i’ve seen a lot of asians saying “no asians” too…I love asians (that’s not the point but i’m just saying haha)..well many ppl seek relationship on apps cos it’s very hard to know..really know people in clubs or life in general…but thinking about racism and preferences…idk i think when ppl say “no asians” it’s like they’re not attracted to asians in general…that doesn’t mean they hate them, don’t wanna be friends or something like that…i guess….but i think they don’t need to be rude with the words…it’s just narrow minded ppl being rude like no old, no sugar daddy, no bald, no fatties….just don’t chat or else…no need being rude..

  3. What a stupid comment.

    Those apps are mainly for sex hook ups and everyone has different preferences and like different types. Going with your logic, we could say that all gay people are sexists towards women – because most gays would not speak to women on grindr etc. I personally like white and latino men. I don’t find asian men sexually attractive at all. I used to have “no asian” in my description as well. Am I racist? No, not at all. I love Thailand, Philippines etc. I love going there, spending my time there, interacting with local people. I have asian friends in London, which I love spending my time with.

    But, app world is something different. I don’t want to waste limited time I have during the day to talk to guys I do not want to meet with for this specific purpose which is mostly sex. For me that means asian guys or guys who are way older than me. Putting racism into this is just crazy. What are you trying to say? I have to sexually interact with asian, bears etc. because if not, I am being considered a racist?

    If you see no Asians thing on the app that people mostly use for sex hookups – it does not mean that one is racist. It simply means asian physical attributes do not sexually attract me and because I am looking here for sex, do not talk to me. It does not mean that I don’t accept you because you’re asian.

    1. Paollo, you wrote that you used to have “no asian” in your profile. What made you delete it? Was it your sensitivity to your Asian friends in London? Do you think people who write “no Asians” in their profiles also maintain real friendships with Asians?

      We all have our preferences. Some of us take offense at callously and casually disregarding others and you seem to be that type of person. My observation has been that those that have the jarring “no” lists in their profiles or ads are guys I avoid. Even though I may not be one of the targets in their “no” list, I have or would have people in that list as friends. (Of course if I’m super horny I may ignore my humanity to satisfy a lustful urge but wouldn’t consider a second hook-up or date with such a person)

      PS To everyone in general who comes down on the side of defending the “no “racial group of choice” list; whatever happened to “sorry, we’re not a match” or just ignoring a post from the dreaded racist? And how much effort would it take to describe what you’re looking for in positive terms? Example: ” Sexually I like white and light-skinned Latino men”, “Slim, lean and gym-fit men get my dick hard”, “Beefy, burly, hairy, mature types will get my legs in the air in a New York Minute”.

  4. Its not that people decide not to interact with someone. They decide not to interact with someone in a particular way, in this case sexually. No, dating apps are not all about that but for some people it is. And even if its the physical attractiveness between two people is important in most relationships. Am I sexist because my preference does not include women? No. Would I refuse avoid interacting with someone because they are female? No. Would I avoid interacting with women on dating platforms where I am trying to find a relationship. Yes I would.
    However people avoid ethnic minorities on these apps because they are racist and not because its a physical preference then that is wrong and I am sure it happens also.

  5. i agree and disagree. It’s not that they are racist some people are on there to be with someone and it just so happens they are not physically/sexually attracted to specific races.

    Putting no asians and crap like that is very rude, offense and low. I at least would give it a chance if i liked the person a lot, if in the end i find there is no sexual vibe then oh well :/ what can one do?

  6. You cannot dictate desire. I myself am from a certain mix of races – and some of those races I find sexually attractive while others I do not. I wouldn’t ever say “No Asians” on a profile but I wouldn’t respond to any either? Who’s being more honest? If it’s a pickup app, well then you have to agree to be whittle down to a “type” and agree to be attractive to those who are attracted to that type. Are you into “fatties” or “fems”? No? But are you missing out on something if you don’t respond to them for hookups? I think not.

  7. Omg!! Pandora I want to lick Bag Head’s Nips too!! That’s the first thing i thought when I saw the link! Lol, I’m a whore !! Haha.

  8. I’m Asian and because of these known prejudices I say I’m Turkish on the apps and guys really dig me, but I would probably get half of the play I get if I actually told them I am Chinese. Funny how that works.

    1. That’s sad. You lie about who and what you are for a hookup with guys who wouldn’t even talk to you simply because you are Asian. #selfworth

  9. Is that what most people on here got from this video is the “no Asians” thing? Of course, we all have our preferences. There’s really nothing wrong with that. The point of the video was: Some people go to bars to find a hookup. Some people get on Grindr. The difference is, if you walked into a bar and proudly announced to the whole bar that you’re only looking for masc, or white or whatever, people would think you’re an asshole. If someone walked up to you public and said hi to you and you simply ignored them, people would think you’re rude (and if you consistently tried to talk to someone who was ignoring you, they would think you were crazy). So why is it more acceptable if we practice those same behaviours on an app?

  10. i get along best with asians BECAUSE they are the least sexually threatening or interesting to me but id never say “no asians” in my profile on a dating site. It is best to state what you like instead of what you dislike, or youll come across as a dufus.

    1. You look like the kind of “person” who should EXCLUSIVELY associate with his own kind only. Never mind Asians or other minorities since you have deep seated problems with them in the 1st place (your final comment was the only noteworthy one). Soon the US will implode with all of their social & racial problems. Can anyone blame the Japanese & Koreans for wanting to keep their societies immigrant free?

  11. Why do people have to say no Asians or no blacks it can be seen as racist by people of that race. I don’t think it is but can see how people could see it. Why not put your preference in your profile and not what your not into. If someone messages who don’t fit the description just say sorry we are not a match or your not what I’m looking for. Less chance your going to be seen as a racist.

  12. The level of ignorance in many of these replies is astounding. Racism doesn’t require hate or a belief in superiority; those are elementary school understandings. Of course “no Asians” is racist. The psychological and social impact on Asian users doesn’t take a crystal ball to divine.

    Message whomever you want. Respond to whomever you want. Date/screw whomever you want. Do it with a splash of basic human decency please.

  13. they should have put like a 90 year old man asking a freshly 20 yo for dick pics and made the old man talk about getting fucked

  14. when you let a learned and ingrained racial bias dictate what you like and don’t like, that is a form of racism. No one and I repeat, no one is born screaming “no Blacks or Asians!” out of the womb, so most of the excuses you make are a way of trying to make yourself feel like a better person, instead of accepting your truth. Your logic is moot when you say things like, well I don’t like fat guys or gingers too.! Any race and fat or be a ginger and any fat or ginger person can change and modify their appearance, ie: lose weight or dye their hair color. A person cannot change their race or ethnicity, so I still do not understand why people compare race to these things. They are NOT the same. Instead of making all of these lame ass excuses about purposely being an absolute bigot, why don’t you take the time to understand that we all have been victims of the media’s and elite’s powerful brainwashing campaign to dehumanize People of Color ? Not all black, Latino, Asian or middle eastern men act/think/behave the same. And when you say things like no asians or whatever, you’re grouping every single person of that racial group into some monolith that is responsible for speaking for an entire group of people, which you literally cannot do. You know there’s such a thing as having different traits and characteristics. It’s just ironic that the people who are guilty of this behavior are the first ones to call someone a racist for merely speaking about a real life experience/interaction with let’s say, a white guy. But it’s alright for a white guy to say, “you’re hot… for a black guy! Are you mixed with anything? Are you sure you’re 100% black? You don’t look like it!” But someone calling them out and telling them their way of thinking is problematic, would be the person to receive the most criticsm. Listen, I’m not here to change the world overnight but it’s simple. You can do whatever the hell you what to do. Just don’t ever try to label yourself as a good guy when you clearly are a bigot who sees no problrm with discriminating and belittle others. You’re definitely not the “good guy” you’d like the world to believe. You’re just not.

  15. I have a lot of people put down “No Fats” on their Profile, but yet they want to get with me, I weigh nearly 300lbs! and I’m not fit, I usually tell them “I don’t want your profile to be a lie”.

  16. Dear readers: “preferences” are structured within society and indicate what it values. Notice no one –or few–write “no whites” or few do. This is about how beauty is infused with ideas of race and thus “preferences” can of course be racist. Can you imagine if tons of people wrote “no whites” and “that’s their preference”? People would be more up in arms–because the racial category that is most powerful is most desired (much of the time even by non whites and also whites)–and thus racial hierarchies do infuse our desire. Ps I’m white. Think.

  17. So I’m not racist for preferring people that speak at least one non-English language other than English and aren’t American?

    K thx bye!

  18. I have never seen the need to say No this or No that on a dating site. If someone contacts you that you are not interested in, you can simply decline or not respond (which I assume is the point of the site). I myself can’t imagine not being attracted to an entire race of people. I mean you are saying that it’s not about your looks, your personality, or your body…..it’s just because you are this certain race.

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