Enough is Enough Gwyneth!!

As if we needed another reason to hate Gwyneth Paltrow.  First she wrote  on her lifestyle blog, “Goop,” that in order to stay looking young, you simply must buy this ridiculously overpriced lotion straight from Paris (oh and if you can’t hop right on a plane to Europe, have a friend go for you.) But now she is telling us women that we should steam clean our vaginas??


For only $200 a session at a high end Korean spa in Los Angeles, you too can sit on what she describes as a “mini throne” to clean out your uterus. Is it just me or does Mother Nature do that every 28 days for free? She claims it relaxes her and gives her new energy. Hey Gwen, why don’t you just try having an orgasm? Those are free too. Unless you are Hugh Grant.


Plus the only movie I actually enjoyed Gwyneth Paltrow in was “Seven.” Because her head wound up in a box.





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  1. I came down with the Flu yesterday. Watching television was the only thing I felt like doing. I was not nauseated until I saw this story on The Talk. I had to go to the ER after this experience. Oh, Gwyn, just stop.

  2. There’s a Korean spa here in Dallas that does v steams for $25. I did it once, it was OK but I didn’t notice much a difference afterwards, just felt like sitting on a steamy, herby toilet. Not my bag, baby.

  3. Really? Like Nene has said before “her pussy is wore out!” Maybe all that steam helps smooth out the wrinkles And get it all back into place

  4. I’ve decided to start my own goop-like website, wherein I will advise women to bottle their own farts. Add a few drops of jasmine essential oil to spice things up in the bedroom, or try lavender for relaxation!

  5. I cannot even fathom how this became a thing.. Who decided one day to dry clean their hay-now? I’d get my butthole bronzed before I got my whoha steamed.

  6. You can actually buy the kits online for a 12 steam kit it’s $90, a 3 steam kit is like $15. The thing is the more you use it the better your lady bits feel and respond, I was actually looking into the Yani-steaming because it can be done at home, and I’ve got PCOS and the whole thing talks about how it’s beneficial to help a woman’s bits recover faster from things.

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