Does Buzzfeed count as an addiction?!

I can’t be the only one who spends WAY too much time on ¬†Whether it be taking those ridiculous quizzes, watching videos about adults throwing temper tantrums like toddlers (I’m totally the one who doesn’t want to pay bills,) or catching up on celebrity gossip…Sorry orange. Buzzfeed is the new black.

Let me tell you about my night last night. I’m not gonna say I was in my pajamas at 5pm on my computer with a glass of cabernet, but I’m not gonna say I wasn’t.


There is just so much to do on this site. First I thought I would find my Prince Charming.


You guys. I got Flynn Rider…who the fuck is Flynn Rider? So I googled him. He is the guy from “Tangled.” Here is why I got him. “He is charming and attractive, yet a bit of a narcissist, who will bring out your adventurous side.” Seriously? Even Disney knows I’m attracted to douche bags that no one has heard of.

Two hours of ridiculous quizzes and an empty bottle of wine later I say to myself “Enough is enough. Put. The laptop. Down.” Then I stumbled upon a picture of the Olsen Twins, and the headline “Mary-Kate and Ashley are easily the most chic people who have ever walked the earth.” And I thought “Whats one more article?”


According to the article, in order to get that chic pout they always have, right before the cameras flash, they turn to each other and whisper the word “prune” to get their lips to purse up.

Then it hit me. I just read an entire article about Michelle Tanner eating dried fruit…I may have a problem.





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