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  1. Worst season ever! It usually takes a lot longer for me to dislike Ru and Michelle, but this season, RIght Away! It’s turned into one of those reality shows that like to humiliate people. Why do they put queens on who clearly are not ready for primetime or even performers?. Hope Ru isn’t planning on “Good Work” as a fallback. I am soooo disappointed this year.

  2. I’m super glad Trixie is back but it bothers me how it was done. Even last season was disappointing when kelly mantle went home. She didn’t have a chance, so why this season do they all get a chance?

  3. We all know this season isn’t the best but if you’re a true fan you watch and enjoy what Ru is doing if its so bad then why continue to watch if. Any who they made the right decision bringing Trixi back she shouldnt have went home especially to pearl.

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