Dear Shirley Manson, Thank You For Putting Kanye In His Place.

Shirley Manson is even more brilliant to me than ever before.  Here is her response to Kanye West being a complete twat at an awards show… again.

Dear Kanye West

It is YOU who is so busy disrespecting artistry. 
You disrespect your own remarkable talents and more importantly you disrespect the talent, hard work and tenacity of all artists when you go so rudely and savagely after such an accomplished and humble artist like BECK. 
You make yourself look small and petty and spoilt.
In attempting to reduce the importance of one great talent over another, you make a mockery of all musicians and music from every genre, including your own.
Grow up and stop throwing your toys around.
You are making yourself look like a complete twat.

Ps.I am pretty certain Beyonce doesn’t need you fighting any battles on her account. Seems like she’s got everything covered perfectly well on her own.




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  1. This is EPIC!! I’m so glad she did this Kanye West really grinds my gears. And she’s right he’s a TWAT! Shirley your grunge balls are huge lol

    1. Have never heard anyone express how I and I am sure so many others feel about Kanaye. So delighted to read my exact thoughts put into writing. I’m older and so I do not know Shirley but boy do I agree with her. Thanks Shirley and you go girl!!

  2. this was a status I posted on facebook, and I think I make some pretty good points that relate to this:

    Alright, so few things about this Kanye/Beck thing…Because I’m sure everyones on the facebooks wants to know what I am thinking about it:
    Beck has been putting out TONS of good music and most of it is not mainstream, but you have stuff like Loser, and, Where it’s at, and Sex Laws (which are the most mainstream). He even appeared in an episode of futurama in 2001. He might make you scratch your head, but he is a super well established and talented musician
    Kanye, Kanye, Kayne….
    This man litterally has ammased enough money to create his own award and programming for said award and still has enough money to buy billions of pairs of 80’s sunglass or whatever the hell he wants. He also has 21 grammies.
    If he is sooooo upset about his homie Beyonce not getting whatever award she didn’t win he could A.) Give her one of his B.) Create his own award show or C.) Bribe the voters to make sure she wins
    Until then, he needs to sit the hell down, and keep his mouth shut. Overinflated Ego is not attractive and makes you look like a classless asshole

    brat annoying bitch princess rich paris hilton ugly blonde slut child childish daddy’s girl emo girl immature indulged posh pretentious snob snobbish

  4. I think for the most part people are scratching their heads over his obsession with Beyonce getting awards and chalk it up to “Kanye being Kanye”. Shirley has really hit the nail on the head . He’s a spoiled child, who happens to have money and a spot in the public eye, throwing a tantrum. He may not feel that artists like Taylor Swift and Beck deserve awards over Beyonce, but how dare he ruin their moment! Whether they deserved it or not in his eyes, they will always remember that creep jumping up on stage while they were trying to thank their fans.

    And on a unrelated yet related note, how come security doesn’t stop him from jumping up on stage??? Just because he is a celebrity doesn’t mean he is not a crazed fan. And I think we can all safely concur that he is 100% a crazed Beyonce fan.

  5. About time someone told that moron dipomatically to shut the hell up & grow up!
    I wish he would be banned from attending since he has no retraining skills.

  6. NOOO. Now, don’t take this as if I am supporting someone walking on stage and disrespecting another artist, and I truly do like Beck’s music. But, there is something to be said about the fact that so many people love RnB and Hip Hop, but these genres are constantly snubbed at the Grammy’s when it comes to black artist. It is a slippery slope when you try to define music by categorizing it under a certain race. I do not believe either genre is only for blacks to enjoy. I do however believe that blacks along with tons of indie artist deserve the credit they are do. Blacks in general are often snubbed at awards shows. These artist work hard to create images. Often these images are snatched by white artist who the public feels are more palatable. This is not the case with Beck. I believe that was just a complete snub. I haven’t even seen a promotion for a Beck album, though I certainly heard Beyonce everywhere. This is the case however with artist like Iggy Azalea. I’m a fan of hers also, but it does not make any of my statements any less true.

    1. Post

      Then boycott the awards. Don’t rush the stage and ruin someone else’s moment. And maybe this time it was about talent. He did write all of the songs himself and play 14 instruments on it. In the end, Beyonce is world famous and will continue to make money and rule the world. And she did win an award that night.

      1. The answer to invisibility is not to ask people to become even more invisible. I don’t even get this mindset. So all black people should not go? Give the white industry want it wants and eliminate them entirely? From day one they’ve had to fight tooth and nail to get jazz noticed and then rap. I love Garbage’s music but the verbiage here is rude and colonialist. Savagely? Why not just use “thug” or “aggressive”. Painting black man as savages has a long history in music as it does in all other aspects of society. One doesn’t have to like Kanye to notice this was British colonialism on display. Black people should not have to silence their expression in a medium that is all about expression. You’re wrong.

      2. Well Said! You don’t make a stand by ruining a talented artists moment. Boycott, reach out to the Grammy awards, or use social media to express yourself. That was Beck’s time to shine.

    2. Why are you trying to turn this into a race issue? Not everything needs to be turned into some issue over skin. Beck is a talented artist who still makes sales and wins awards without spending ridiculous amounts of money on promotions. He still earns respect as an artist without needing to have the bodies of half naked females all over the place. Don’t ever diminish his talent or his right to win based on race because it makes you look ignorant as hell.

    3. Then how did Kanye win over 20 Grammys? Goes against what you just said, especially since he is one of the main subjects of this topic.

    4. I disagree. R&B and Hip Hop have run their time – for now. For several years both genres dominated – not only in awards but performances, etc. Look back at what was featured and it’s just not as strong as it was a few years back. I don’t think it has anything to do with race, disgrace or snub of its base. Music shifts and it’s shifting away from R&B and Hip-Hop dominance.

  7. If anyone has no talent is that cunt of a wife he has. He degraded himself by marrying her. And now degrading himself more for going after talented artists! I’m sure his mom is so PROUD of him!

  8. Unfortunately, Kanye’s intended outcome came true; we are still talking about him 2 days later. Simple Solution – Don’t invite him.

  9. Thank you. this moron needs to have the wind let out of his sails. Not only is he a pig for exploiting his wife every chance he gets. He has no respect for her. (not that I love the kardashians but as your wife you should treat her with the respect she deserves and not exploit her by having her pose naked or in a blinged up bathrobe when you go out) That’s a great example for your child ass wipe. He should also shut the fuck up not one person needs or has asked for his opinion and every time he opens his mouth he sounds like a complete ass.

  10. Nice that someone is speaking up!! Who does this man think he is?! Who’s fault is it though… That he has been led to believe that he is all mighty other than the public for continuing to give him a job by buying his music … I say boycott Kanye, but that’s just me!

  11. Preach on sister! She basically said what we all are thinking! Kanye is nothing more than an immature douche with an ego the size of Mt.Everest! I think everyone would agree that he needs to FINALLY, ONCE AND FOR ALL. ..SIT THE FUCK DOWN, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO MAKE ANOTHER BABY WITH HIS DOUCHE -TASTIC TALENTLESS WIFE!

  12. His wife needs to school him on proper behavior, she isn’t the best role model but Damn. He’s going to get into a real big law suit one day if he doesn’t start thinking before He speaks. Way to go Ms. Manson for schooling the idiots of this world

  13. thank You! He needs to be called out, rolls reversed………….it would be a media outrage from him! No tolerance for ignorance.

  14. Shirley Manson is forgetting that she is a product of this effed up industry. She was plucked out of a magazine by Butch Vig and propped up on a stage because she was hot and could sorta carry a tune. All the power to her for getting what she got but she’s the last person that should be criticizing someone who’s looking to overturn a corrupted industry that increasingly values product and marketability over artistry. Just look at the OLD photo that was chosen to use of a much younger Shirley in this article. What she doesn’t realize is what Kanye is doing is benficial to herself. Also why is no one referencing Becks remarks? He welcomed Kanye’s disruption and called him a genius. Maybe Beck is sick of this industry too?

    1. Post

      Kanye is an asshat. If you are dissatisfied with the industry don’t go to the awards. Beck wrote all his songs and played 14 instruments on his album. It had little or no radio airplay. So clearly he wasn’t the “popular” choice. I chose that picture because I liked it AND the picture in the post is current. Kanye rushing the stage is insulting to all artist who work their asses off because regardless if you “plucked out of a magazine” you still have to bust your ass in this industry.

      1. Not to mention – it’s not the People’s Choice award — something many people forget. It’s an award in outstanding achievement in the music industry – not popularity. Academy members are required to vote based upon quality alone, and not to be influenced by sales, chart performance, personal friendships, regional preferences or company loyalty.

  15. He has to constantly get reprimanded like a naughty child, and it is getting old fast. And I’m sorry, but if he has talent, then I am actually a horse, and I am posting this message using hooves. He has no talent to speak of, musically, vocally, or otherwise. If We had a way to test people when they hit puberty for things like idiocy, craziness, etc, he would be one of those who get “fixed” as a prepubescent teenager. He could have all the sex he wanted, but not contribute to the genome of the human species. We don’t need more mouth-breathers like him running around. Celebreties are often looked up to by our impressionable youth as role models. And I shudder to think that he is included in that group. He is making an ass of himself, and that us NOT what our youth needs to idolize. End rant.

  16. He says Beck should respect artistry, and give his award to Beyonce. Yes, Beck, who plays 14 instruments, should respect artistry by giving his award to Beyonce, who needs a team of 4 people to write one song. Unreal.

  17. How bout making him an asshole; jerk; Dick….but not a twat i love my twat and the thought of associating it with Kayne is distrubing to me.

  18. His performance was less than impressive. …in the dark so nobody could see him ….hey what an idea …just turn odd the lights next time and while your at it turn off the volume. He is so egotistical and self absorbed. The Grammy academy should band him in future shows…the media should not interview him as well. This kind of behavior should not be tolerated by any person (s).

  19. Didn’t like kanye before and really a genius I don’t think so..,…..unforunuly he is in a business I love……so maybe he should try something else so we don’t have to see him as he is.not worth the words that come out of his nasty mouth.


  20. Kenya’s words mean nothing ……..he is only here a short time so maybe he should smile more because the thinking he’s doing doesn’t amount to a hill of beans….and I don’t think he is any kind of genius just a nasty rude person……never liked him or his music he has to sing with other performer’s to get people to listen.

  21. She earned my respect when setting up stage for her, when she was the only act to set up with us and I growled at her walking past. She returned the growl right back, just as animalistic as I was.

  22. Kanye is trying so hard to kiss Jay-Z’s ass like a little bitch. I’m sure he’s also secretly in love with Beyonce and grovels at Jay-Z’s feet to be around her. He’s a goof! I’ve never liked any of his music. It’s garbage.

  23. Seems like it is the only way kanye can get on stage.. he sure isn’t winning anything, when people talk about your actions more than your music you are washed up !!!

  24. To all future award shows: PLEASE BAN KANYE FROM ENTERING THE BUILDING!!! P.S. Hey Kim, your husband is obsessed with Beyonce!!!

  25. To all future award shows: PLEASE BAN KANYE FROM ENTERING THE BUILDING!!!! P.S. Hey Kim, you’re husband is obsessed with Beyonce!!

  26. Thank you! He might have came back to life, but he sure didn’t get the point of being on this earth. He may have all the money in the world, but if it was a few years ago he would have left this earth without anything! Stop being so arrogant! Money doesn’t make you pretty. You’re ugly inside and out, I don’t even know how you’re that successful. That is not God’s work for sure. Dig a hole and burry yaself.

  27. One question: Where were the stage bouncers the two times this egotistical idiot walked onto the stage???? Smells like a set up to me. Paid publicity stunt. The more we talk about it the more it works in that idiots favor. Therefore Forget that idiot, don’t speak of him, don’t buy his music, let him become a nobody.

  28. As much as I love the post, West has only been put in his place if HE feels he’s been put in his place. The internet and the entire world of social media may condemn his behaviour, but if he feels he’s done nothing wrong and feels no remorse, nothing has been accomplished. So the brilliant Shirley Manson shouldn’t be thanked for putting Kanye West in his ‘place’ until we know he feels bad for what he did. (…and given how he feels about himself, I wouldn’t hold my breath)

  29. I”m not a big fan of Kanye but everyone is taking his last incident out of hand. He did it in jest showing that he has ‘grown up’.
    You all act like he’s going to read your letters – they are not going to make him less successful. What he did was comical. Get over it.

  30. He does this all for show, and look, wroth this attention, he’ll continue. Let’s be smarter than him people. Love her calling him out

  31. Kanye has more money than everyone on this page and Mansion combined.. he definitely doesn’t give 2 shiny polished fucks about how yall feel about him. Ergo why he is so brash & abrasive.. It bothers your daily 9-5 lives more than his private Jet Life. SO be mad all you want but shut the hell up w/ all your shitty complaining and useless peanut gallery opinions. Go as far as tell your spouse or circle of insignificant friends about your frustrations then go take a long walk off a short cliff with your mediocre lives. Maybe if yall had a but more tenacity and passion like Mr. West you wouldn’t be wasting away watching other people enjoy theirs. That’s is All your now free to move about aimlessly.

  32. Kanye has 21 Grammys FYI the prob more than they give out at the grammy award show.. Im pretty sure he knows A LOT more about music than any of you degenerate terds.. His career is in music as opposed to you bloggers, waiters, laborers, ect… most of which switch JOBS eery 6 months.. I’m just Saying

  33. Marilyn you are too polite with kayne, he’s no artist, he just sampled music from the 1960’s and added yak yak! He stole burt bacharach and hal david tunes,anyone can do that!

  34. If Kayne throws enough fits, his fans will throw their tickets back at him to his shows. CD’s will cease to be purchased and in no time people will begin to say, “Kayne who.” Each year he has to have something to say negative and people are growing tired of the same old stuff coming out of his mouth and music. A great saying from “The UNIVERSE” “Take the log out of thine own eye before you try to remove the splinter from your neighbor’s eye.”

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