Can I Get a Hell No For That Elimination?

Oh RuPaul’s Drag Race what did you do to me? I screamed NOOOOOOOOO…OOOOOOOO at the screen. So wrong.  I am also over this entitlement from some of these queens.  You are entitled to NOTHING.

Find out all my thoughts in this week’s Drag Center.  Let me know what you think in the comments.


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  1. This week’s episode was a tad better than last week. Loved your Drag Center spot. Pearl should get the hook! She has not uped her game! I’m not happy that Trixie was sent home. And Mama Ru’s outfit-I think she needs a new stylist! Not very glamazon to me!

    1. Love me some Pandora! One if my favorite Life experiences was the hug and photo I had with Ms Pandora Boxx at Pride at Dariene Lake!

  2. Yes you can get a hell no on that elimination! I call shenanigans! Trixie should have stayed and Pearl should have sashayed away!!! And I love they all had to wear green. Bet Michelle Visage was dying inside!!!! LOL

  3. Pandora, I must disagree because I think Pearl is hot, and wish to have him go straight and marry me! That being said, he was like the walking dead and should have gone home. It’s true. There, I said it. Not really feeling any of these queens as far as personality except for Ginger. The remark about Ethel Merman & Paul Lynde made me laugh out loud !

    1. I know you’re probably trying to be funny, but joking about wishing he would turn straight is just straight up trifling. It’s just a fact that most gay men are hot, but let’s appreciate them for who they are and the fact that they think vaginas are gross!!!

  4. OK, so Trixie may not have totally lived up to her audition tape yet but at least she was putting out a ton of effort. Pearl hasn’t even shown she has a pulse. Fingers crossed that Trixie gets brought back later in the season.

  5. For a few moments, I thought the TV lied! Trixie should have stayed. How did Kandy Ho not end up in the bottom?

  6. YASSSSS I WAS SO MAD ABOUT LAST NIGHT! Reminded me of how mad I was about Tyra Sanchez. RU BETTER BRING BACK MY GIRL.

  7. Girl I haven’t seen one person not outraged by Trixie’s elimination.. I agree. Pearl DID look fierce but all she did was walk around a little bit & raise her arms up. SHE DIDNT EVEN PAD!!!!!! But I’m thinking that this means that Trixie is probably the queen that comes back later in the season. Hopefully.. & I HATE to say this but this season is just so not what I was expecting… Defiantly not worth waiting until this month to see it. I’m just not very impressed. If Fame wins I’m going to just assume it’s all scripted & staged. Ginger needs to be the winner!! We need a big girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & she has totally got it going on.

    1. Amen! You said everything I wanted to. I pray that there is a twist and Trixie comes back. She was supposed to be top 3! I predicted her, Max and Ginger and Ginger winning. We need some big girl rep!

    2. I agree with a lot of what you said. But I think Ginger needs to learn how better to align herself (she seems like a nice gal who keeps trying to fit in with the mean girls). She’s cute, but she’s not my pick just yet.

  8. Fhut the whuck? Couldn’t agree more that the wrong queen went home. Is it just me, or do some of this season’s queens seem to be recycling past contestants’ looks? Did they bring Jiggly Caliente and Milk back? Oh, wait…

  9. I was so mad to see Trixie go! After that lip sync she deserved to stay. I don’t know about any one else but I am not impressed with anyone on this season. No one has stood out to me. Just mediocre talent that look like past queens.

  10. Definitely a disappointment this week. I watched it twice and Kandy Ho should’ve been in the bottom with Pearl. Trixie deserved to stay in it. And the winner being Kennedy D? Should’ve been Jaiden Dior or Violet, they were awesome! Maybe we’ll see some good twists later this season and have Trixie come back! *Wishful Thinking* #justicefortrixie!

  11. I thought Kandy Ho and Pearl would be the bottom two and Kandy would be sent home. Kandy is cute but that’s all she’s got.

  12. Pandora these drag centers keep getting better and better. Your style and humor have been beyond this season so far. You are providing an essential part of my RPDR watching experience — I hope they are paying you enough!

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  13. Totally agree with Ms. Pandora on yesterday’s elimination and self entitlement statement. This season seems like there’s something missing, and still hoping that the next episode will impress me but not much at all. #keepingmyfingerscrossed

  14. I was so confused why Trixie was eliminated. I question a little why she was in the bottom, but that wasn’t the real upset. Her lipsync was TO DIE FOR!!! Correct me if I am wrong, but it IS called “Lipsync for your Life” and it’s actually supposed to affect the final decision. Why would Ru send home the person who lipsync-ed like she was channeling Debbie Harry and allow Sleeping Beauty to stay after a half-ass rendition of “Dreaming”? Perhaps the sleepy, lackluster performance was deemed appropriate for a song vaguely themed after sleeping.

  15. W.T.F. Trixie was ROBBED. She was my favorite queen of the group, even though Katya is totally growing on me, and I adore (delano) Max!! I hope they bring back Trixie before or at the Snatch Game episode. Imagine what she’d do….

  16. I actually screamed “No!” several times at my tv and the tiny Ru inside of it. Haven’t been so sad since you got eliminated (with mad respect to JuJuBee). If not for Mrs Kasha Davis, Max and Katya, (and to see you rip on Violet some more), I might give up on this season.

  17. I feel Ru made a huge mistake. Pearl has obviously given up while Trixie was still fighting. At first I liked Pearl but I’m not sure anymore. If she doesn’t want to be there then leave, if she wants to stay then the attitude needs to change

  18. Pretty only goes so far. Pearl is B-oring! Biatch should have gone home. This is a tough season to get into. Boo

  19. Pandora, your recaps are hilarious, first and foremost. I find myself giggling like I should be in a straitjacket when I watch your videos.
    Pearl is about as exciting as a Venetian blind. She is so vapid; why is she still on the show? By the way, IS Drag U coming back? I LOVED THAT SHOW! Thanks for keeping all of us smiling, Pandora!

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  20. After reading everyone’s comments I was surprised that no one agreed with the impression I was left with. Ru Paul’s reality series is heavily based on rating’s and the drama that a queen such as Pearl can bring demonstrates just how relevant ratings can affect the show…

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