Boys Who First Showed Us We Like Boys

Was it JTT? Devon Sawa? Bowie? A Power Ranger or a Backstreet Boy?Just who was it that first made ya tingle??

I bet I’m not alone when I say I had a copy of this little beauty hidden in the shoebox under my bed along with my diary and a love letter to the first boy I had a crush on (that I never had the nerve to give to him.)


It started with Andrew Keegan. But then The Lion King came out, so we had to break up because me and JTT were going run away together.


Then there were these guys. I could go red or green. They made me feel like Christmas, and I would have been ok with either package under my tree.


Until this happened. It wasn’t just the glasses I wanted him to take off.


Then this happened? I had a moment guys. I mean come on though.


Then there was high school. I played Janet and lost my virginity to the guy who played Frank. But I had the part before I slept with him. I promise.


And then I was pretty sure I liked boys. Minus the Xena episode. And now I have my Patrick. Those are totally my legs you guys. Yup. Totally me in the picture. Mmmm hmmm. Yup.


So whats the story of your, dare I say, sexual awakening?!


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  1. Taylor Hanson… Hands down best looking boy like ever!!! Lol we were going to get married one day… Sigh I miss 13 year old me sometimes lol

  2. The underwear section of the 1985 Sears catalog. I was 4 years old at the time. Yeah, my attractions were never exactly in doubt.

  3. Gregory Harrison stepping out of the shower in the opening credits of “Trapper John MD.” Rex Smith in “Sooner or Later.” But the clincher…. John Wesley Shipp as Dr. Kelly Nelson — running around in a Speedo singing “You Needed Me.” WOOF!

  4. Shaun Cassidy, on the cover of his first album…..I was in a little convenience store with my mom…saw it and there was those feelings I never had before….I was about 10 or 11

  5. Grant Goodeve, the oldest son on Eight is Enough…his eyes!!
    And Gil Gerard from Buck Rogers, kind of liked Erin Gray as well,
    sort of like your Xena phase!

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