Boo! Hiss! To This Week’s Elimination!

I have some opinions on this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 (some of which I say in Drag Center) but I repeatedly have questioned the eliminations.  This season has been totally set up as the “old” vs. young.  Larger personalities have exited the show WAY before they should have in favor of those who are “prettier.”  This week is no exception because it’s the dreaded 5th place spot that so many fan favorites have been eliminated at. I say BOO! HISS! 

What did you think?  Make sure to check out this week’s Drag Center!


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    1. I thought it was close, too, but Kennedy went all out and still was on point for the lipsync, which is why she eked out in front/.

      1. Really? Watch it again. Her moves were amazing, but her lip sync was just off. Timing was bad, and she regularly entirely stopped lip syncing. She was thrashing about so much to distract from the fact she wasn’t moving her mouth. Basically every single chorus she just stops.

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  1. I completely agree. I have never been so dissatisfied, with so many WRONG eliminations! My original Final Three choices were Trixie Mattel, Katya, and Ginger Minj. Two gone. Sad.

  2. I don’t know what Ru is smokin this season. Sending home big talents like Max and Katya ; while leaving us with Pearl (who clearly should’ve been gone looooong ago). The only real queen left to root for is Ginger. I can’t stand the thought of Pearl or Kennedy making the top three. Very disappointing!

  3. katya isn’t top 3 talent, if she didn’t go home this week, she’d go home next week. kennedy should have been gone long ago. if i had my wish, top three would be trixie, ginger and violet. but as it stands, it should be pearl, ginger and violet…if kennedy makes top three we’re done with this season. my pick to win it is violet, as with tyra in season 2, she has grown the most this season. ginger is same stuff week in and week out, but due to the voting, she’ll probably win as she seems to be the most popular and hyped this season, but the second least deserved to win of the 4 left…but i will say it’s about time a plus size queen wins

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  4. I love you Pandora but watching your Drag Center this year wasn’t fun. You seem to be biased towards your personal favorites and no matter how well the other queens do, you find something negative to say about them. I don’t think the judges always get it right but I think the difference this season is that with the final 6, each contestant brought their A-game. This isn’t just RuPauls best drag actor or comedian..the look matters! I’m glad to see more design and sewing challenges. Queens are being exposed for their lack of skill in that area now because for the bulk of the first part of the season it was primarily acting and comedy challenges. I love Katya, she is so talented, but this was not her challenge. Someone had to go home, you lose some and you win some. You don’t have to be a comedy queen to be funny or to win this competition

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      I’m biased against entitlement. Some of these queens were. I’m sorry I don’t like your personal favorite queen. I favor queens who entertain me and that’s who I’ve favored in my recaps, since part of my recap show is my opinion. My opinions on some have changed. Let’s wait until next week’s episode to see if it’s remotely as interesting as episodes with Katya in them. Also, go back and watch each episode and you tell me honestly you think each week the right queen went home. Yes, the look matters but for some that’s all they have. And I do not agree about bringing their A-game. But to each their own.

      1. I appreciate your response. I’m simply saying that you consistently attacked that queen and I think just like Phi Phi or even Roxxxy, you end up getting bullied. They were down to the final 5. Katya wasn’t kicked off like Trixie Mattel, she wasn’t eliminated like Ben de la Creme…Katya herself said it wasn’t her best. Had it been a comedy challenge or acting challenge, Violet probably would have been the one going home…but it wasn’t..You have always been one of my favorites and I love your recap show but I kinda felt like you were a bully this season I’m sorry and you seem like the type of person that would respect an opinion as well.

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          I was harder on some of these queens because they came in with a terrible attitude and some of them didn’t even seem like they wanted to be there. It’s a HUGE opportunity and some of them already seem to think they are too good for the show. Thus, I was harder. I only go by what the show shows. That’s all I can do. I have never disliked queens stronger than I did right away on this season. By dislike I mean, what the show has shown them as.

  5. While I do get the disappointment, I think a lot of the eliminations, with the exception of Trixie the first time, were reasonable given their performance that week. I hated that Katya left this week but she didn’t do a very good job so I understand.

  6. I think Ms. Kennedy was TOO much on that lip sync, like she was CRAZY. I thought Katya was great. The intensity matched the vocal.

  7. Really disappointed at Kandy sending Tempest DuJour & Mrs. Kasha Davis home. Mrs. Davis especially i felt was a strong character that even showed herself to be a worthy contender in the comeback queen episode. Really disappointed too that Kennedy was chosen over Katya. I know the girls are only as good as their last look to keep them in the competition, and I realise Katya was only in the bottom two because there are few people left when you’re down to 5 – it has to be someone. Violet, Katya & Ginger should have been final three.

  8. I thought it was against the rules to leave the stage during your lipstick so Kennedy shoulda be disqualified and Katya shoulda stayed

    1. THANK YOU!!! I specifically remember them talking about implementing this tool on the 21 moments that made us gag show after the whole MIMI IMFIRST lip sync. That should have been automatic disqualification. Regardless of if Katya would have went home next week ( I had figured her and Ginger in 2 of the 3 finalist spots ) rules are rules…apparently they don’t always apply….

  9. Hi Pandora! I’m a late Drag Race fan and I just watched season 2, you and Jujubee were my favourites! Is there any way that we can watch Drag Center outside of the US?

    I agree that this season’s eliminations have been disappointing, I was shocked when Max, Trixie, and Katya were clearly eliminated too soon. And even though we didn’t get to see much of her, I think Mrs. Kasha Davis had a lot to offer as well.

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  10. Kennedy was shockingly entertaining. Though, she should not have been up against Katya.
    They are really disregarding originality and creativity. Or, it seems to be a lot less important than modeling.
    That is unfortunate.

  11. This season has been disappointing as hell. Most of the true talent has been eliminated. Katja was in my top two, for sure. She had personality, uniqueness, wit, self-deprecation and style. As for the remaining queens, Minj is the only one worth being there–and she has been getting very predictable. Kennedy the “catsuit” queen brings nothing new to the game. Her runway looks have been more yawn inducing than Pearl’s personality. Pearl is great looking (and actually kinda funny in the interviews) but lacks anything dynamic. She is clearly into fashion, but reminds me more of a 1990’s club kid. She doesn’t appear to be too interested in entertaining an audience. (I’m over people who think that acting “over it” is somehow punk rock. Wake the fuck up.) As for Violet, she has had some fab runway looks and she HAS turned out on a few of the challenges–but again, style over substance. Katja was awesome. I think Trixie WILL be awesome, but needs some time. Ginger Minj CAN be awesome and is a great actor (Egg Lady, Adele, etc.) but lacks runway appeal. Katja had it all. ;o( BOO to this season. Overproduced is correct.

  12. My final 4 was Ginger, Violet, Pearl and Kennedy. Nailed it! So did Ru. Props to the casting agency who picked a great group of talented queens this season.

  13. All of my favorite queens have been eliminated, it looks like they already had the winner picked and if that’s the case, give her the crown already and save us a great amount of time.

  14. This season is much different than the ones before it. My partner and I always have someone we like by now to “root” for them. None of these queens have made us want to cheer. Pearl is beautiful but something is missing, Violet doesn’t to seem to have enough personality, Ginger is the standout but only because she is sassy. With that bizarre dead chicken outfit, Kennedy should have been gone. Since we don’t care who wins out of those four, it almost doesn’t matter if we watch the finale. Every queen who won had somethIng special. Something that popped, none of these do. Maybe next season the queens will come to impress.

  15. I don’t feel Katya should have been in the bottom two, let alone sent home. The bottom two should have been Pearl and Kennedy, with Kennedy being sent home. She glued bows to a leotard!! A five year old could do that!

    Like another poster, I was surprised that Kennedy was allowed off the stage, as I thought that was no longer allowed after the Mimi/India debacle.

  16. There’s some cute girls this season but I don’t see any of them being a drag superstar. Have we run out of talented performers, have the casting people just stopped caring or is this all being manipulated by producers to get the winner they want, which I suspect would be a young queen under 30?

  17. My top three were Ginger, Katya and Max in that order. Kennedy and Pearl should be gone and I see Violet as a posible dark horse. Ginger is going to win it probably since no “big girl” has ever won. If Violet gets it I would be ok with that too.

  18. It’s pretty safe to say that Katya will be Miss Congeniality though, right Miss Boxx? At least there’s that. I love Katya and have never been into Kennedy, but I think this season RuPaul is stirring the controversy pot on purpose. And, I mean, it seems to be working right?

  19. Is the lip sync about bouncing around like an Olympic gymnast and death dropping on your tucked up stuff from 20 feet in the air, OR is it about encompassing the spirit of the song and giving an exciting and honest interpretation of the song? If it’s about bouncing around and doing flips, then you’re team Kennedy. If you prefer a more intelligent and honest performance, then you’re team Katya…and probably Pearl also. Kennedy’s goal was to out flash Katya by doing flips, twirls, splits, death drops, arabesques, roulades, breaking the rules by running up to the judges and force them to look at her (Yes…running up to the judges AND hopping off the stage was banned after Mimi Imfurst decided to get all WWE on RPDR…please note that all queens in lip sync for your life have stayed on stage since then. Kennedy should have been disqualified for that cheap stunt she pulled)….at the cost of actually interpreting the song. Basically, Kennedy muscled her way into the win, creating a carnival side-show way of lip syncing the song. A little more subtlety and sexiness is in order for the song, and Katya did just that. Don’t get me wrong – back flipping your way to the judges and ramming all their faces into your tuck will. get. their. attention…..but it’s just not very intelligent…and oh, so obvious…. PS: Love ya, Pandy!!

  20. I was expecting something Willam-ish to happen… Kennedy broke the rules!!! After the Mimi and India “throw down” leaving the stage is not allowed… While Kennedy flew off it she still broke the rules… Katya should have won… She wasn’t on the stage throwing hair back and forth with no sort of rhythm… But as pandora said… Boo hiss…

  21. My favourite was max. So eloquent and I loved her looks each week, she went far too early in my opinion. 🙁

  22. i’ve been spoiled the last 3 seasons. i rooted for sharon and she won, i loved jinkx from the first episode and she’s become my favorite queen, and she won. i was pulling for bianca but also liked adore, courtney, and bendela, and bianca won…..this season has been eh. i loved katya from episode one almost as much as i loved jinkx. it was incredibly hard to see her go home.

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