Bitch Wants Those McNuggets!

I mean come on, sometimes you just need McNuggets like when you are stoned or having a meth week. I saw this video awhile ago but it tickled me again so I thought I’d post it. Proof that zombies will not be after our flesh, they just want our McNuggets.

My favorite line is when she says, “don’t make me assume my ultimate form!” Oh hun, you did and it’s called complete white trash. Ta-dah!

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 10.45.16 AM

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  1. Love it but I can’t judge. I’ve been known to get a little crazy about my McNuggets also. Seriously though, my husband and I love you. You are hilarious. Even our 2 year old little boy gets cracked up watching the episodes of Drag Race you were on.

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  2. Wait wat…. Did anyone else catch her saying she will become a Super Sayen? As in dragon ball z? Lol wtf? This is what happens when u do too much meth… Lol. You got to have them nuggets… Lol

  3. Thanks for this…amazing. I also think it is interesting that the car behind her pulled right up like nothing unusual had happened….

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