Backstage at the VMAs

I can now officially add backup dancer to my resume! 30 drag queens got to perform with the fabulous Miley Cyrus at the 2015 VMAs. Exciting! She’s such a sweetheart. Here are some backstage photos for your viewing entertainment.

Courtney & I putting off our makeup for as long as possible in order to look fresh for the boys… And cameras!

So many queens all in one room with no cat fights! We were just excited to be there.

Our MAC Cosmetics color palettes.

Alyssa priming the fierceness.

Cooking with Jiggles.

Tammie looking demure in her base look. Lovely!

Courtney’s wig getting its do done.

Monica Beverly Hillz is getting that face beat to gorgeousness!

C’mon Jasmine getting dolled up!

Paint ladies! Paint!

That’s my, girl you should get ready face.


Eye see you.

Sometimes a Drag Superstar has to shave in a sink. At least she looks good doing it.

Gals that shave together, stay together. ❤️Violet❤️

More pictures coming soon!!

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  1. LOVE this BTS look at a epic night. Keep the photos coming of alllll the gorgeous Queens. Thank you Pandora, see you this month on the DSASEurope cruise. 🙂

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