Are These Queens Entitled Much Or What?

Good golly, Miley’s molly! Some of these queens are WAY too much. Like who the hell do you think you are? I’ve never seen more self-absorbed group of people before on Drag Race. What did you think about the most AWKWARD moment ever in Drag Race history? I would have eliminated her ON THE SPOT!

Ok so here’s my full Drag Center recap kids:

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  1. I know I am not a fashion or entertainment blogger, but I just have to say I don’t understand why anyone would have invited Violet Chachki. She supposedly stole someone’s crown and not in the way CoCo Montrese won hers, but literally stole the damn thing right off Sharon’s station, posed with it and basically admitted theft. Yet, she was brought on the show. The attitude is horrible, her disdain for the judges is obvious and she is so full of herself. Such a shame that something so pretty can be so ugly no matter how you edit it on the floor. That’s my Politwhat? on this situation

  2. This season is a bit disappointing…I am HUGE fan! But these queens are not really a cool bunch and Ru is sending home potentially good ones and keeping the crap….What’s wrong with Ru?

  3. I am just so done with Pearl and Violet. Yeah, they’re pretty, but they aren’t the least bit respectful to the more established queens who have been through it all already. I know Kennedy and Ginger have some good advice they could pass on, like Bianca did last year. Yes, Bianca could be a hard bitch, but she also genuinely cared about those girls and helped whenever she could. Pearl and Violet could do with a hard lesson and they’re going to learn it a lot harder than they might not need to if they just shaped up!

  4. I’m having a hard time loving this season or these queens like I have past seasons. So much entitlement. Spoiled brats. No individuality. No big energies or fantastic characters. No one really specializes in anything this season. I don’t get it!

  5. I’m not sure what’s going on. I mean…Kandy looked like she killed and draped Cookie Monster’s skin over her. Poor Mrs. Kasha Davis, she will be missed!

  6. I swear these queens are the emptiest bunch of ‘girls’ I’ve met in ages! The only bright spots are Ginger and Katya. None of the rest can tell a joke, laugh at themselves or give a tiny bit of emotions beyond looking bored. News flash, your not looking bored, just empty headed. I’m an Orlando native and I’m rooting for Ms. Ginger. She has the chops to win this. I say flush the rest save for Katya and be done with this season.

    1. Agreed. The only queens this season that seem to be worth anything this season is Ginger, Katya, and Max. Everyone else just fades together or has no personality. And just when some of the start to show who they are and what they’re about they get sent home while sleepwalkers are left to continue. What’s going on this season?

    2. I’m with you. Ms Ginger Minj for the win. She is the only one that has shown us anything besides being a flighty bitch. Katya is my other fav and I’m still mad that Pearl stayed over Trixie. I hadn’t formed enough of an opinion yet of Trixie but definitely don’t like Pearl. What does Ru have such a thing for her???

  7. Agree 100%… Then look at those videos of that *amazing* kid that lives in the jungle that has virtually NOTHING, yet he pops up off the ground, out of baskets, out of trees, and WORKS WORKS WORKS that garment (or found object, or something he made, out of, again, virtually nothing) like no one, ever. He just SLAYS these queens. Slays them. And he has NOTHING. Sorry ’bout it.

  8. Mrs. Kasha Davis should NOT have gone home. She was energetic and interesting. I was really looking forward to watching her on Snatch Game. She’s so funny and adorable. Kandy Ho has not really done anything to stand out. Her fashion sense is boring compared to the other queens. I will really miss Mrs. Kasha Davis. So sad.

  9. Two weeks in a row I think the wrong girl went home. This reminds me of Season 2, where drama trumps talent. Pretty is dull.

  10. Sending home Mrs, Kasha Davis and Trixie were shocking. They should not have gone home. The ones who stayed are pretty but that’s it.

  11. This season has been very… meh. In past seasons, I’ve always had a favorite picked right away but right now it’s just about who I can tolerate. I get that it’s a reality show and contestants are picked for their dramatic potential, but I can’t help feeling that if everyone were chosen on talent, that would provide the necessary fireworks for a hot show.

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