Kim Davis in the Cell Block Tango!

I hate to give this bigot anymore attention BUT this parody by YouTuber Randy Rainbow is just bloody brilliant. Not only is it funny but completely nails this hypocrisy of Kim Davis but also of her awful supporters.



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  1. You hit the nail right on the head I love this it said it all at the Kentucky resident I am so embarrassed by this woman and I cannot understand why nobody will just terminate her and let her go home and just pray to her bigoted God. I am a Christian but I believe that to be christ-like means to share love not hate to accept to embrace not divide are persecute again I love this and I’m going to forward it to everybody I know hopefully it will just break the Internet

  2. Hey!

    My friend *Debbie Fox* just posted this on her Facebook and I would LOVE to work with you. My name is Drake Manalo, a designer at a tech startup in Chicago. I have been meaning to make a Kim Davis t-shirt campaign and after viewing your video, I think you would be a great influencer to get involved.

    However, I’m still trying to come up with ideas and a design that people would actually buy… but is this something you would be interested in?



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