Alexander Skarsgård in Drag!

Last night at the premiere of Diary of a Teenage Girl in San Francisco at the Castro Theater, actor and hottie Alexander Skarsgård came in full drag! Yeeessssssss!




That is one tall lady! Sporting a wig by styled by local queen Becky Motorlodge and makeup by Mercedez Munroe, Ms. Skarsgård is a stunner.


I love that we live in a time a major Hollywood actor can come to a premiere in drag! Plus I’m on a total True Blood binge right now and completely obsessed with him. Maybe it’s the fact that the fabulous Peaches Christ was in the movie that sparked his fever for drag? Or just that he’s a fucking cool guy. Let’s get him as a guest judge on RPDR stat!

He even stopped out to the newest SF hot spot Oasis and snapped a pic with owner and SF legend Heklina!
I love this picture with all the bubbles. It makes me think he’s in the movie Boogie Nights 2! (DOATG is set in the 70’s) And he’s with Cousin Wonderlette!

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  1. This is not the first time he’s dressed in drag. He is a very confident man and supports his friends any way he can. Good job Alex we love you!!

  2. OMG he would make an awesome judge for RPDR! Especially now knowing partly what you beautiful ladies go through to get all glammed up. That is one episode I wouldn’t miss! (not that I’ve Ever missed one b4)

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