How Disney Got Her Sexy Back…

For every boy and girl out there waiting for Prince Charming….don’t.

I took the “Which Disney Prince is Your True Love” quiz. I got Flynn Rider. Who the fuck is Flynn Rider? I googled him.


Its the dude from “Tangled.” That one was past my time. Just dated myself. Cool. So here is why I got him. “He is incredibly good looking, but I bit of a narcissist, who will bring out your adventurous side.” Awesome. Even Disney knows I’m attracted to douche bags nobody has heard of. Even his horse looks like he can’t stand him.

But then I stumbled upon these….Things have changed.

I would let him charm me real good.


Now, he may live on the streets, talk to a monkey, and steal bread for a living but that hair though…



I’ll go native for John Smith. As long as he doesn’t offer me a blanket. #smallpox  #toosoon



I think Beast is a bit too into Beast. #pass



My favorite. Although i’m not sure it would work. I talk a lot, and clearly he digs girls who can’t. But I do love seafood…



Since when is Aurora banging Michael Phelps? Thought his name was Philip.


Tarzan’s Jaw could be dangerous if he got a little frisky. Might be worth it.  #therewillbeblood



From childhood into adulthood…Disney is always making us smile.


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