Amy Schumer Is My New Hero

1) I think Amy Schumer is HILARIOUS but after “tripping” on the red carpet in front of Kanye Westshitster and Kim Kardouchian at the Time 100, she has reached legendary status with me. I also love how pissed he is. Um, can’t take the same treatment back? Asshat.


Also her Milk, Milk Lemonade video? Genius. All of it.


And her on Ellen?  Even Ellen can’t stop laughing.


And then there’s Last Fuckable Day!  I die. Dead.



Amy Schumer you are my new comedy idol.

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  1. And the Friday Night Lights spoof? Genius. Shouldn’t she be winning the Nobel for all this genius? After all, she’s the one who taught us that you can’t bring a wet mule around a hot corn oven. #Truth

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