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  1. I thinks it’s fabulous. My hair is copper-ish right now. I dyed it myself, but this made my night. I feel so much better and relieved when I look at any drag queen from Drag Race, I was very suicidal and depressed about things, until I found the show and saw these handsome men dressing as fabulous women and not caring about what others have to say about them. I was able to come to terms with my self. I happy to say and proud to be bisexual, agender, and flamboyant as fuck. If I was a Bob Mackie gown, I would have rhinestones and Swarofski crystals all over me and a slit up to the hip or be a mermaid dress in teal and turquoise with a cape. I;m not too sure, but I know I’d look sickening. Pandora Boxx, you betta WERK!

  2. That is some crazy Debra Messing glam realness right there. For reals. He ginger-powdered away your soul and made it sparkle, Neely, sparkle. It looks fantastic!

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