Hot Guys In The Buff Doing Random Things #1

I guess the title of the post says it all, right?  I’ll full admit that I like looking at hot menz.  In my perusing of the interwebs we weave, I come across really hot guys au naturel in not so conventional poses.  So I figured I’d start sharing them with you.

So here’s a few Hot Guys In The Buff Doing Random Things:


“I don’t have an iPhone but I carry pics of my junk in my wallet to hand around.”



“It’s was really cold in here, so I put on big socks.”



Is that a mangina or are you just unhappy to see me?



“They said to bring something to the picnic.”


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  1. Haha that watermelon one was just random enough to make this a Pandora Boxx post. Awesome, can’t wait for number 2 😀

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