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  1. My Top 3 from the very beginning was Bianca, Courtney, and DeLa. I miss BenDeLaCreme so much. However, Adore has really grown on me. I’m quite happy with this Top 3, but DeLa will always be number one in my heart.

  2. There’s no competition. If there is any justice in the world Bianca will win. I love Adore and Courtney, but they haven’t done nearly as well as Bianca throughout the whole season.

  3. Miss Bianca is awesome and has been my pick all season. She is so beautiful, talented and intelligent.

  4. Bianca!!!! I like her approach when others throw shade – she actually takes a minute to self analyze and see if any part of it is true! She may be an insult comic, but is coming across as very big hearted and authentic.

  5. I agree with Nicole’s comment…the top 3 would all do the crown justice. I am particularly fond of Adore, but Bianca should win this season.

  6. While I am Team Bianca … if Adore wins, I will not be sad. But I will always be in line to see Bianca at any local event.

  7. Taking into account every past drag race.. Although I would love to see Bianca win, and experienced queen never wins. So that means Bianca and Courtney won’t win, leaving Adore to win the title. Adore isn’t bad, I’ll agree she’s got potential, but she’s not there yet.

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