Did Someone Get Eliminated Last Night On RuPaul’s Drag Race?

My Twitter feed has been blowing up (@ThePandoraBoxx) over last night’s controversial elimination!

Have you watched last night’s episode yet? Girl, get on it! Then you have to watch my new Drag Center to find out what I thought!

Make sure you let me know what you think in the comment section below. Just note that I am really good friends with one of the bottom two contestants and won’t stand for any mean or nasty comments. I believe you can express your feelings without being hateful.


All that said I really liked both contestants in the bottom two. So sad to DeLa go but maybe Miss Congeniality will be a good consolation prize? She’s got that in the bag at least.

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  1. Pandora, honey – can you explain to me how Adore keeps moving forward? She pretty much whines all the time, faceplanted in every other challenge more than once (she’s never prepared/knows her lines/can’t sew, etc.) and yet… how does she do it? And didn’t Bianca helped her with the dress last night? At least a bit? I don’t get it. I just don’t.

  2. SO WRONG. I don’t mean to throw shade but De La has been polished and brought something new and #Flawless every week. Darienne brought three tragic outfits to the runway and FAILED at the lipsync. Sure you know the words but maybe do more then fist pump?
    I feel like maybe they’re trying to give the online voted queen a chance to shine since they’ve all failed thus far?

    Also, Milk should still be in the contest still. If Shangela got thrown back in then why not Milk?

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  3. I think the fact that DeLa lost was more due to the fact that last time they lip synced she would’ve gone home, and her lack of performance in the group number. It was just a shock because she seemed to be doing better than Darienne in the competition.

  4. I think it was great that they finally gave Darienne a good edit in this episode, mainly in Untucked. I doubt she’ll win, but I think she is finally letting her guard down a bit and opening up. Ben just wasn’t showing a lot if growth in the competition.

  5. The main thing that bothers me is, from what I gathered from critiques, is that Dela was in the bottom because she brought show girl again. I am pretty sure all five of the contestants have worn similar outfits multiple times on the runway. I don’t see how the judges could justify putting Dela in the bottom when Bianca, Adore, and Courtney have the same problem with monotony. Obviously the lip sync was called correctly but I personally thought Dela’s outfits were the best in the glitter ball.

  6. I’m definitely a huge fan of DeLa’s and I’m very disappointed that she won’t be on the show anymore, but I feel like the outrage over her elimination will only help her career. Reminds me of a similar elimination at this point in the competition in Season 2 πŸ˜‰

  7. I am extremely disappointed by the decision to eliminate Ben DeLaCreme, as I think her overall oeuvre to date was right up there with Bianca’s and she deserved at least a position in the top three, but I do agree that the mean-spirited backlash against Darienne is completely unnecessary and genuinely malicious. So let’s hope that goes away very soon.

  8. Last nights episode was to me, quite a shock, not necessarily Ben DeLas elimination but just how mean they all were towards Darienne when RuPaul asked who should be the 1 to be eliminated……mean spirited indeed, but proud of Darienne when she admitted to her short comings regarding her choice in outfits last night. My room mate & I like both Ben DeLa and Darienne, although Darienne has been both my and my room mates favorite this season……wishing the best of luck to Ben DeLa as I am sure we will see more of her and wishing the rest of RuPauls girls the best of luck in the remaining of this season.

  9. I love both Darienne and DeLa but when it came down to it, Ru made the right choice (as she usually does.) They both deserved the be in the bottom, and Darienne did a better lip synch. It was disappointing, but DeLa already got a second chance against Darienne. She is just not as good at the lip-synch. I’m sad to see her go, but I am sad when any of them go at this point!

  10. I think it was a bad choice to keep Darienne instead of DeLa. When they lypsynched against each other the first time, I thought Darienne should have went. No T no shade, Darienne’s outfits have been less than spectacular, and she was constantly chastised the entire season for them. Yes, she won the acting challenge, but other than that she hasn’t really stood out at all. Even though DeLa has been my favorite, I can agree that she played a character while in drag and her outfits have been similar. However, outfits aside, she has excelled at many of the challenges, winning two and being in the top for three other challenges. Darienne has had to lypsynch more times than any other queen, and has consistently been among the bottom. By no means is Darienne a “bad” drag queen, but she has not shown the skill and versatility in the challenges like DeLa has. DeLa should have stayed.

  11. Actually DeLa and Darienne were my two favorites from the very beginning, when I saw their “Meet the Queens” videos. I wanted them both in the top 3. I think this feud is fake and ridiculous. I’m MUCH less interested in Season 6 now that DeLa’s gone.

  12. I am very sad about Dela being eliminated. Darienne should have gone home. I don’t think Darienne’s lip sync was better than Dela’s, they were both very equal, and Dela’s look was much better than Darienne’s. Dela was a much more polished, creative and all-round more likeable than Darienne. I can’t understand why Ru made this mistake, (maybe it’s because she just wanted a big girl to be closer to the top??). According to all the fan pages, nearly everyone agrees with me.

  13. Dela deserved to be top 3. I feel both Dela and Darienne are guilty of their looks always being the same, however, Dela is FAR more polished. Sad to see her go. But I’m still hoping my girl wins, team Bianca!

  14. I think the winner is chosen from the submissions when they are sent in.RuPaul does seem to have her favorites..

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