One Word: Maleficent!

I’m dying!  This preview gives me everything I need right now!  I was kind of over Angelina Jolie and all BUT this movie could possibly be her best role ever.  She’s perfect!  Now we all know this movie is either going to be really good or just awful, as is the case with these type of movies (e.g. Mirror Mirror).   If this preview is any indication Maleficent looks to be totally epic.  Drag queens everywhere scurry to make Maleficent costumes, in addition to the plethora of them already in their closets.

Oh and that creepy music at the end of this preview with Angelina in the forest?  Chills!  Chills I say!  LIVING FOR THIS! 

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  1. Looks like an amazing movie. I am not into Angelina, but this one looks pretty awesome. I just had my Direct Satellite turn onto High Def. They were going to charge me $200. to give me the new boxes. After a yr. I was able to get over to the department that handles the cases from customers that are about to leave, they ended up giving me 2 free boxes, $10. rebate and 4 mths. free of Showtime. There is nothing like High quality to watch these type of movies in. It makes so much difference. I have a plasma and the colors are really amazing.

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