Stand Back Coven! Stevie Nicks Is Coming!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I am obsessed with American Horror Story: Coven.  It’s everything!!!  It’s like they said, “How do we make every gay man have a gay-gasm?”  And they did it!  

But  I Can’t Wait because the Rooms On Fire now because legendary Stevie Nicks will be making an appearance!  Yassssssss!  I feel like I’m on the Edge of Seventeen again, I’m so excited!  

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 1.33.03 PM


Ever since Misty professed her love for Ms. Stevie, I’ve been hoping and casting spells that she would be a guest on the show.  I’m going to tell you I may just pass out.  I also love that despite rumors early in her career that she was indeed a witch, she said to hell with it and will claim her witch-dom.  Twirl Stevie, twirl!


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