Racism Against Blue-Eyed People!

This is a truly powerful video. Everyone should watch the whole thing. It puts racism into perspective. I found around the 11min mark especially powerful.

It was very compelling and powerful to show the girl (who refused to listen) that as a white woman or any white person we can alter our appearance but a black person can’t change their skin color ever, unless you are a Jackson. I found the last bit truly amazing because so many people, myself included, say: when I look at you I don’t see color.  But we should, like Jane Eliot said.  It’s a fact and we all do look different and it should be acknowledged and accepted and cherished.

Part of that girl’s problem who ran out crying was that she really, really wasn’t listening.  A major problem in our world today.  So many people just don’t listen, especially to themselves.

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  1. I taught this same program to my 6th grade classroom in the late 70s. It was very powerful, and they got a lot out of it. It was used as a prewriting experience, and they had a lot to say. I also taught a similar program focused on physical handicaps, using masking tape to tape together the thumb and first finger of students’ dominant hand. It was a minimal “loss of ability” and students were amazed at how much it impacted their lives. These kinds of experiences open students minds.

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