Disney Heroes Re-imagined as Sexy Underwear Models?!?! Wh-wh-whaaat?!?

Ok, so I’m a little obsessed with David Kawena’s Heroes collection!  He’s taken well known Disney heroes and morphed them into huge homo underwear models.  Now, I’m just assuming they are gay or at least gay for pay (Flynn Rider I’m looking at you).   All I’m going to say is that I have masturbation material for weeks.  Is that wrong?  A gal can have her fantasies, right?  Aside from that these are fantastic illustrations!   So damn good!  And… I’ll totally admit that I have a thing for Aladdin and with this new spin, how can you not swoon?



Yes, please.  Where’s the Kickstarter campaign to make this movie?  Check out more of my favorites below and check out David’s Facebook page for the full collection: www.facebook.com/david.kawena

Flynn Rider from Tangled (I haven’t even seen this movie but I would buy it for everyone if he wears this):




Prince Edward from Enchanted (James Marsden should be required to wear this in every movie he makes)




Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid (He always seems like a big ‘mo to me and no this proves it.)




Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean (Orlando Bloom = Everything)




Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty (Total bottom and that’s ok!)




Peter Pan (Who does love a twink now and again?)




Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove (Devil Daddy, yes!)



David’s also got a tumblr so check it out!!  http://artofdavidkawena.tumblr.com/ 

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