Pandora Outted as a Gaymer (Gay Gamer)!

Pandora admits to her affection for video games in this fabulous interview with

GG: Fluff question: Final Fantasy X-2 is often hailed as gayer than a gay man’s gay and directed toward a female audience. Considering the dress spheres and constant fashion and performance, have you played the game? If so, which is your favorite dress sphere?

PB: I love, love, love FFX-2! I guess it is pretty gay! I loved FFX as well. I think it was one of the best games I’ve played as well as X-2. The dress spheres were totally amazing. The costumes! I take inspiration from video games for some of my outfits. The Songstress outfits were totally amazing and had great abilities. I love the Black Mage outfits as well and you always have to have a great Mage on your team!

Read the full interview here:

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